Oi bruv, empty yo pockets innit ye. Gimme all yo coins fam.

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Brian Berletic of the New Atlas does a pretty great breakdown of this kind of stuff. Each package that Ukraine gets becomes more and more measly. The US is even asking it’s Latin compradors to donate their soviet/ Russian weapons so they can in turn be replaced with western ones 😂.

As it turns out, the US is only willing to lose so much of its stockpiles.

I have a feeling you’re tossing a coin tbh. China’s stock markets function under the authority of the state, not the other way around as in the US. In times of economic turmoil, I have a feeling that the CPC would prioritize the wellbeing of their people over the stock lines going up.

I’m not sure what that would look like, but it’s definitely an interesting idea!

The Democracy Tycoon got 5 years and 9 months in prison on fraud charges. Pretty light with all his things considered.

Didn’t a bunch of the grain in the Ukrainian-Russian grain deal go to Europeans???

Oooh have you heard Antimatter by MF Doom and King Geedorah?

I’ve been listening to a lot of YB and OMB peezy

I don’t even know why I did, but I got suggested the VaushV subreddit and I got into a bunch of arguments with “leftists” who were confused as to why more lefties aren’t more tolerating of incel types 😵‍💫

You should definitely take your own circumstances into consideration, for sure. I’ve been with a party for a few months now, and I’m loving it! I don’t entirely put it out there that I’m in the party, but a select few people in my life do know. I don’t have any real online presence in terms of anything that would obviously identify me, but I just keep it on a need to know basis. If i got doxxed, I would be a bit worried I guess, but I think life would go on. Again, I’m saying this from the West Coast where “lefty” politics are a bit more tolerated.

That being said, organizing is an inherently dangerous thing and that should be taken into consideration. You probably could use an alias, but there would probably come a point where hiding yourself might be more of a burden than anything. A comrade made a point to me the other day about how a lot of the Occupy organizers had their faces blurred and everything, and safety is a valid concern, but that’s probably not too inviting of an image to see if you’re someone whose looking from the outside and you’re looking for a political home, y’know? If we’re all just online and hiding our identities then we’re about as good as a glorified book club.

If you’re still pretty young, I think it’s okay to read theory and interact with people online. If you find yourself in a more stable position to openly be a ML then do so! If not, I don’t think there’s anything wrong with that and you should definitely consider your own specific circumstance!

Are the effects permanent? Will being a member prevent a person from traveling internationally and receiving a passport? Will being a member hurt chances of admissions to universities or jobs even if it is not disclosed? Will being a member be discoverable during security clearance checks and prevent the taking of a government job?

They could be if the government you’re under is reactionary like that, again it all depends, yknow? It’s hard to answer each one because it really depends on where you are and whatnot.

Last semester, I didn’t check my school inbox at all. By the end of the semester, there were like 80+ notifications with most of it being reminders for work, but some of it was messages from other students and the professor :').

The point was that the Cambodian genocide gets attributed to Marxist Leninists. Pol pot was not a ML. Everything on the list is either a half truth (at best)/ straight up fake 😵‍💫.

hehe, be safe when you do drink :)! I might find a beach or something and go to smoke later!

You could honestly circle everything there in red 😂

Any Denmark parties?
I guess someone randomly hit me up on reddit and they noticed I linked some multipolarista stuff, and they're wondering if there are any Denmark parties? I'd tell em but I'm not from Denmark, I'm a Usonian :').

What're some good books or sources on the factionalism that occurred between the Bolsheviks and groups like the Revolutionary socialists and the Mensheviks?
I guess I'm interested for my own clarity because people often times (mostly people on the "left") as some sort of gotcha against the Bolsheviks. Ty ty :3

Does anyone have any experience with filing wage complaints, paperwork with the labor commissioner, etc. in order to get back wages?
I'm getting legal aid to help, and I do have a fair bit of documentation (all timesheets, paystubs, questionable texts about scheduling from my boss, and even pictures of a few health code violations). What was the process like for you? How soon did you get money?

It' crazy how normalized wage theft is
I work in the service industry and I recently discovered that my coworkers, and I have not been getting our legally due overtime pay. I was honestly only made aware of the issue because one of my newer coworkers raised the issue of not getting paid overtime rates for work. This was some months ago, but I think the buried it in my mind because at the time, I genuinely did read the law wrong I'm pretty sure (I'm sure it's intentionally made confusing as well). I think all this was reignited in my mind because I recently asked my other coworker if we get overtime rates for Black Friday, and I ended up looking into the details. I'm not 100%, but all the other workers I asked at my job said that they either don't get it/ that they're supposed to get it/ how their employer did some little shifty accounting trick to finesse them out of overtime rates. I'm consulting a knowledgeable comrade about the laws, but there's legit no reason as to why would be exempt from being owed our legally due overtime rates. If I filed a wage complaint, I'd most definitely get fired, and who knows how else my boss might retaliate. He does know about my drug usage, and I'm sure he would use whatever information against me that he could. Maybe it's a bit of a harsh assessment to make, but capitalists will do whatever to protect their bottom line.

I'm not even sure how I ended up here, but heres a certified Europeansocialists moment
![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/bf487ca2-b86f-4a58-8472-f622a5888910.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/a2a9d442-1ab2-49df-94e8-ac9f90d66cae.jpeg) ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/46cc8a07-40a6-44fb-b23f-978721597823.jpeg)

Question about evictions in Cuba
Regularly, I'd ignore it, but some Gusano sent me [this](https://iwpr.net/global-voices/havana-evictions-highlight-housing-shortage) and [this](https://diariodecuba.com/cuba/1656608219_40605.html). Is is true that evictions are being carried out in Cuba? In both links, it talks about how the people who were "evicted" were in abandoned buildings, so my bet is that the government doesn't want them in dilapidated buildings. I'd love some clarification on these matters, please.

Does anyone have anything on the supposed notion that the Treaty of Versailles was "unfair" to germans?
It's one of those little things that irks me so much. I remember reading something about how the reparations germany had to pay were not at all excessive (especially when compared to other wars at the time). Someone brought it up, so naturally, I'd like to counter it.

What do you think of the idea of "muh managerialism, not capitalism"?
I think it's a silly obfuscation to divert any blame from capitalism by just proclaiming that the world currently isn't under capitalist hegemony, but I wanted to see what others thought and if anyone knew anything that Marx or anyone wrote about the matter. Someone said to me "Directors are not the same as shareholders. Directors, CEOs and fund managers are, well, managers. Managers are NOT capitalists. They do not invest their own capital in order to make money and gain influence, they just climb the ladder. They don't have the same goals as owners and capitalists. They don't value the same things and they don't play the political game to get the same results. This is why the politics have also changed. They don't value the same institutions and want to do politics in different ways. They don't value political parties, individual rights, etc., they value rules, bureaus that enforce the rules that are non-partisan and continue to operate regardless of who's in power. Managerialism is too deep of a rabbit hole to be contained in a reddit comment thread, I would point you towards James Burnham who described it in great detail and quite accurately predicted what the modern world would look like when he wrote 80 years ago."

Can someone help me compile a list of "neutral sources" in explaining the legacy of French neocolonialism in Africa?
There's a post on "neutralpolitics" asking about "How does France practice neocolonialism in former African colonies? What is known about the effects of this practice?" Ideally, the sources would stick to hard economic analysis (mentioning coups is fine if there is hard documented evidence). I know, it's annoying to have to feign neutrality, but it's sometimes the only way to reach people sometimes. If possible, focused on the CFA Franc Zone.

Another update in the Uvalde saga
Wow, just pathetic...dude is literally looking at a picture of his little punisher flag on his phone. They accuse us of being larpers lmaoooo.

Propaganda time is over, it's time to go home

I woke up from a nightmare, and I saw this when I opened my laptop. You basically get to wait for like 4 - 5 days for glorified microwave food/ food items that you end up having to cook yourself. Maybe I'm still in the nightmare...

Freebie Alerts, app for free goods!
This might not be applicable to everyone, but there's an app called freebie alerts. There's pretty much everything on it: TV's, dryers, chairs, etc. Be safe and keep your head up. You're not bad for being poor, friend. ![](https://lemmygrad.ml/pictrs/image/b4ff4803-57bf-4b1f-b7c4-b88fecdcabfe.jpeg)

Life is so absurd :o
We started out as little cell thingies millions of years ago and now we can scroll through digitized sex acts by the millions. The universe literally just existed...out of nowhere...NOWHERE [what a funny looking word]! Oh well, back to my 9 - 5, thanks capitalism 🤑👍🏼!

I can't be the only one who finds this extremely perverse
Oh please America, thank you for allowing me to suck your teat 😭 after those centuries of hiccups between [us](https://mobile.twitter.com/kylegriffin1/status/1506751479054577675) Edit: formatting on here is kinda strange 🥺, click le Twitter link on top