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  • countries in Africa are in revolt Which ones? Any articles I should read?

“Japan is hardly socialist” how tf did they come to the conclusion that they are at all? (Probably “socialism is when the government does stuff”)

Agreed, it will take a bit to convince people that it’s fine, but also plenty of people already eat food grown in sewage like the traditional fish ponds in places like Vietnam and India (there’s a great piece in low tech magazine on it, im sure people like the great people working on that will have a large place in dealing with environment and how we live after the revolution)

Those are good points. Wouldn’t it not be to hard to use sewage as an input for both for energy and nutrients? Also, if we vastly decrease energy use for shipping food and refrigerating it, it might be more sustainable for local vertical farming in cites.

Speaking of “Marxist” anti-communists, I was just listening to the General Intellect Unit, and they are very cringe. They’re going over this book (that they mostly agree with) criticizing “anti-authoritarian” leftists for not having an actual plan for revolution, but for some reason they keep taking jabs at MLs suggesting that we are the equivalent of these anarkiddies who think organization is bad and the revolution will be spontaneous, but on the opposite side of the spectrum. The author of the book they’re covering keeps saying “Lenin had some good points but Stalin bad” and they think that’s too far.

I thought the book was pretty good. A little too Anarchisty and unrealistic but it’s a superhero book so that’s fine. Relatively good political messaging and interesting esoteric and philosophical story telling. Unfortunately there was one anti-Stalin panel where v says humanity has submitted itself to bad leaders with a picture of Stalin as one of the visual examples, but I let it slide, not painfully anarchildish overall. I haven’t seen the movie so I can’t compare.

Nice, you’ve got the essentials. I’ve got a bit of a weirder collection. Things just adjacent to a basic Marxist reading list. I’ve got Imperialism by Lenin, Anti-Duhring by Engels, Red star over the third world by prishad, Capital vol 1 by Marx, and the role of communists in the black liberation movement (pcusa book). I’ve also got some succdem theory with evil geniuses by Anderson and some lefty fiction with March book 1, v for vendetta, and god loves man kills X-men. My parents also have Black Agaisnt Empire, Pedagogy of the oppressed, and some liberation theology stuff.

That is a good point. Could that be helped by a return to a more community based way of raising children? If people can feel the benefit of taking care of children without them all being biological to them we might have the pros of larger families without the cons of resource use.

Not that this means we can triple population or anything, but increasing vertical and other urban farming is an option for a reasonable increase in food production with out significant increased environmental damage.

They never suggested we reduce the population, we can sustain what we already have easily with a rational planned economy, however we couldn’t have a significant increase, say 20 billion or something. Also, we probably won’t exceed 10 billion by much anyway since people have fewer children when their material conditions improve.

They probably haven’t heard about Lemmygrad. It’s rather difficult to post invitations to this site and get anyone to see it. I guess a lot of people didn’t see the original gzd post recommending places for refugees to go. Last I tried I got maybe one in a r/thedeprogram post while the rest stayed at neutral in karma. Maybe we should collectively reach out, collectively promote a single call to join so it looks more organic?

I honestly didn’t know genzhou was a thing till it was outright banned

“What happened to them”

I’m sure there are a lot of people on the Genzedong and tankie bunker discords that aren’t on here. Also plenty are still on r/thedeprogram, r/sendinthetanks etc. Edit: the subs have 15.9k and 16.3k respectively, in the top 5% of subs

Named after the book programmed to kill, it’s a podcast about “crime, parapolitics, and esoterica” (according to the intro). They’ve mainly covered fascist history and random conspiracy stuff. I think theyre pretty well read. I don’t know if they’re ML, but I think Jimmy’s (host) at least read Lenin.

Ah, I knew walking and sitting meditation were a thing, but I haven’t thought about doing it in a line or something, also a deep meditation might be dangerous driving since if you’re doing it right the only thing you are conscious of is your breath.

I was only active a few weeks after the quarantine. My last real activity was asking thedeprogram sub what they thought of billy Bragg 177 days ago

I’m doing better than recently. I’m very tired and somewhat anxious, but I’ve gotten back into reading which is great. I’m eating a bit healthier and trying to exercise more. I’ve also finally gotten into Buddhism, which is interesting, but I can’t find the time to meditate.

Are you still active? It’s not like you have a moral obligation to get yourself banned or delete your account.

I bet I’m one of the most karma rich mls who weren’t banned. How many of you weren’t banned?

r/thedeprogram, r/dongistan, and r/tankiesandtankinis? I haven’t been on Reddit much since a couple weeks after it was quarantined. Edit: r/sendinthetanks is still a thing

I’m reading Evil Geniouses by Kurt Anderson, which is kind of liberal, but it’s a reasonably well researched book on the rise of neoliberalism in the US. I’m reading Bear Awareness by Ajahn Brahm and it’s a good introduction to Buddhism, im noticing some apparent contradictions, as often comes from organized religion, but a lot of it seems valuable. I’m also reading Karl Marx’s Ecosocialism by Kohei Saito which is a little anti-Stalinist, but otherwise fine so far. In fiction I recently finished the Fault in our Stars by John Green (for school), which wasn’t terrible, but I don’t like romance books too much, and I’m considering reading the Crying at Lot 49 by Thomas Pynchon thanks to the Programmed to Chill podcast’s episodes on it and also Wild Seed by Octavia Butler, which I quit near the end a couple years ago.

Haven’t read any of these, but: The economics of revolution, The motercycle diaries, and reminiscences of the Cuban revolution, all by Che Guevara,

@Tankeke, If you are interested the website may be hard to find, so here it is: https://www.partyofcommunistsusa.net/contact-join/ At the moment not living near comrades should not be a problem, and most of it is online, with the weekly party school and commissions, but they’re also involved with actions like Rage Against the War Machine and international solidarity missions. We are trying to build membership so it’d be nice for you to join comrade.

I haven’t seen the earlier ones, but I liked Thor ragnarok and guardians of the galaxy mostly for the soundtrack, and I don’t think they’ve aged too poorly (besides Chris Pratt sucking). I also liked Black Panther when I was like 10, and it’s kinda cringe now, haven’t seen the sequel yet tho (i don’t plan to).

I agree, we shouldn’t whitewash him, but we can also appreciate that he wasn’t the worst by president standards.

I agree, Clinton not only destroyed Serbia, opened Mexico and the Balkans up to neoliberalism, destroyed welfare, and gave a boost to the prison industrial complex, but he also was also a “skillful” groomer, using his authority over Monica Lewinsky to pressure her into an affair, and also being besties with Jeffrey Epstein. Also, I wouldn’t say there’ve been no good presidents, for example, Marx’s penpal Lincoln ended slavery.

True, you might need a good artist, but look it up and there’s a lot of people have decent tats of stalin

It might be nice to get ones that have plausible deniability. A prominent hammsick might be a target on your back, but maybe if you get a slogan in another language or a meaningful, but not explicit theory quote you could still use it for communist pride without being too obvious.

For being such big fans of lesser-evilism, they sure can’t understand critical support

Same, why tf do they need gelatin in altoids? The sugar free ones don’t have it, why the sugar ones?

undefined ::: spoiler spoiler For the record, I don’t know shit about styles of beyond, just that they’re in the one fort minor Song. :::

Books on North Korea?
Are there any good books on the DPRK? I’m currently trying to convince someone that they’re good, but with any short article or video I send they just say “I get they were crushed by American imperialism, but how do I know the stuff about them doing relatively well now isn’t just propaganda?” I’ve tried sending documentaries like Loyal Citizens of Pyongyang In Seol, but they don’t like watching things, and would rather read. So, what are some good sources?

What is the threshold for cancellation?
At what point does someone who is mostly reasonable, with a few bad takes become someone not worth listening to? Also, can we separate the art from the artist? For example with Badempanada, he has a couple bad China takes and is kind of toxic online, but he’s well researched, so it really depends whether ML’s I’ve met listen to him. Do you listen to Maoists who are good 95% of the time, but might have a bad Gonzalo take from time to time? Or is there enough agreeable content on the internet that you can just listen to those you agree with? Are certain bad takes just too bad? Will you stop listening to someone after they say something transphobic, even if they’re good the rest of the time like Paul Cockshott? Or if someone is willing to talk with someone like a Larouchite, are they automatically a right deviationist with nothing worthwhile to say, or are the just forming a United front on a specific issue?

The probably cancelled podcast is probably the most “conspiracy theory” prone Marxist podcast I listen to, but this is a little far. Their claims are the following: -bill gates’ bunk science “philanthropy” is a front for ibm (who have historically been involved in eugenics) to depopulate the third world (which I believe) -Fauci doesn’t know anything about the science that would be relevant to fighting pandemics, he was involved in trying to stop good hiv treatment from becoming accessible -the Covid pandemic may have been planned, suspiciously similar to simulations, intentionally planned to be used for suppressing lefty information (said watch event 201) -ventilators are difficult to operate, and most people that were being put on them died, so it’s sus they were calling for more -the common medication used in the US is bad, -hospitals have monetary incentives to attribute hospitalizations to Covid -ivermectin is effective at treating Covid, demonized as “horse paste” when it’s actually often used on humans, (which I’m sympathetic to, as it was commonly used in Latin America) -hydroxychloriquin treats Covid, tests saying otherwise were using intentionally bad methodology -according to VERS a lot of people are being harmed by Covid vaccines (which I’m very suspicious of, as correlation doesn’t equal causation with vers, but many I listen to too many libs) -masks are making people sick (which I’m very suspicious of, bc I’ve gotten sick wayyy less since I’ve been wearing a mask daily) -boosters are a scheme to make more money bc with actual vaccines it’s supposed to develope anti-bodies once and you’ll be fine -the vaccine causes blood clots etc, (which I’m very suspicious of, but maybe lib debunkings are wrong?) I would like to know what you, comrades think of these claims.

IG alternatives?
Are there any good websites like nitter or teddit for accessing Instagram? There’s some good content on there, but I don’t like using the app, and online requires an account.

Evidence of COVID-19 as bio weapon?
Ive seen it referenced before, and all the evidence I’ve seen is that the West was talking about coronavirus in China before they were even talking about it. Is there any more evidence?

https://www.sm28.org/articles/j11-the-return-of-the-cuban-proletariat/ I’m wondering your thoughts on this. I think they are ancoms and/or leftcoms, so obviously I took everything with a grain of salt. They have both been to Cuba in the last few years, and talked to people there. I’m pretty sure they are talking about “#soscuba.” This is what they claim: -the Cuban people have become disillusioned with communism -since the economy is mostly based on tourism the state puts a lot of money into resorts for foreigners instead of caring for their people, Cuba therefore basically already has capitalism, especially because most of their economy relies on exports and trading with companies like nestle -the people were originally supportive of the revolution, but since Fidel died stuff has gotten worse -Cuba really peaked in the 90s when people took care of each other and there were cool farming programs and stuff -since, the farming stuff has ceased and most people are food insecure -the government is bureaucratic and is very strict not wanting people to do anything they don’t directly approve of -at this point the Cuban people don’t even care about political ideology, they just want an end to it -one claimed most people on the street will express disapproval of the gov, while the other claimed most people say they want capitalism -they say Cuba has a very small amount of crime and then claim that they have a high incarceration which is mostly political prisoners -the Cuban anarchist they interview claims there was no cia involvement, but if there were they would have welcomed it My assumption was that the sanctions on Cuba are what is causing most of these problems, but they deny it as the underlying problem. They acknowledge the “Stalinist” talking points that Batista was worse, etc and say they’re right, but that doesn’t mean Cuba’s gov isn’t bad. Then they say something about Communism naturally coming to be hated by people in places like Cuba and the USSR, (of course they think their own specific brand of communism would be better), and this rubs me the wrong way, as the people of the USSR didn’t want it to end, in fact they almost voted the communist party back into power after the undemocratic dissillusion. So, what do you think? Is the US’ strategy of sanctioning countries til their people get desperate working? Is cuba a degenerated workers state?

Since the update Remmel hasn’t been working. It’s not letting me add the Lemmygrad instance. I have tried writing it out, pasting, reloading the app, redownloading the app, and restarting my phone. Any idea how I might be able to get it to work?

I just got an idea
Would it be possible/practical to convert all your money into yuan to avoid inflation? I’m pretty sure most places in the us accept virtual payment that converts yuan back into dollar or whatever.

I have an “left unity” an-com comrade, and I’m looking for resources for moving them more “auth-ward.” Should I just send on authority and state and revolution? Any suggestions?

Thoughts on Rubik’s cubes?
I like that they’re good puzzles and one can always get better at doing them. They’re also pretty hardy, and can be taken apart and cleaned, good as new. There’s also a sort of puzzle in putting it back together. I also see a bit of consumerism in them. Organizations often make crappy ones that are given away as “free stuff” for promotion, like a stress ball or pen that no one ever uses. Also, with people who do like to do them there’s constantly some new fancy speedcube or size, or accessory that can be bought. With all the crap westerners possess these just get lost buried in a pile of other stuff as soon as something new comes along. So, what do you think?

Has anyone here read it? I’m listening to the audiobook and it’s kind of interesting, and I’ve picked out a few things (at least I know a tiny bit about Hegel, Fanon, Sarte, and Bergson), but why is it so jargon-y and confusing? Is there anything else I should have read first? I feel like all I’m getting out of it is what I already know from ‘Oppose book worship’ by Mao, or the bit of ‘wretched of the earth’ by fanon that I remember. What are your thoughts on the book?

Of course, it came with the 🇺🇦paper and bow.

Thoughts on System of a Down?
They are at least somewhat based. ‘Prison Song’ talks about the prison industrial complex and imperialism. There are also some other songs like toxicity or protect the land that sound anti-capitalism. I also just like there music in general. Their album Hypnotize is one of my favorites overall. Unfortunately, the song of the same name seems to talk about the Tiananmen protesters in a positive light and also talks about propaganda. My inference is that they see China as an “authoritarian” (capitalist?) country. They also talk a lot about freedom or liberty which is kind of cringe. So, what do you think?

I feel like we need a philosophy memes community, I don’t know how many people would be interested, though

What philosophies do you follow?
I obviously study historical and dialectical materialism, but there are some others I’m interested in. I want to try to get into secular Buddhism, stoicism, existentialism, and maybe absurdism. Does anyone have suggestions on any of these subjects? (I’m already intending to read Simone De Beauvoir, Jean Paul Sarte, and the book ‘capitalism- it’s nature and replacement’ which is a synthesis of Marxism and Buddhism, but the author’s a bit of a leftcom)

“The ends never justify the means”
I’ve heard it many times from liberals who either mean the revolution would be more violent than our current system (it wouldn’t be), or suggesting that communists claim that we will achieve utopia if we’re just allowed to commit much brutality in the mean time (obviously false). This phrase annoys me so much, not just as a utilitarian, but also as someone who understands the meaning of words, as they are either suggesting that (in the moralistic sense) literally nothing is worth doing, ever, or that morality shouldn’t matter because everything is immoral anyway.

What’s your favorite socialist flag?
Mine’s probably Cuba 🇨🇺, with a close second of Burkina Faso 🇧🇫

What’s wrong with syndicalism? I was watching Thomas Sankara: the upright man, and he specifically said down with anarcho-syndicalism. They seem to be one of the more decent strains of anarchism, the USSR supported them in Catalonia, maybe it’s my bias as someone who was introduced to Marxism through syndicalism, but I can’t see much wrong with them. Is it a lack of materialist analysis?

Question on the word propaganda
If propaganda is just the the propagation of ideas whether factual or not, should we cease to use it as a derogatory term for misinformation/disinformation and instead just call it such?

Should we make a community for fixing bad memes like antifastonetoss?