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Idk where you even see those ads, I run with lineageOS+microg, firefox+ublock origin and SearX and I literally don’t even see ads anywhere.

But the default behaviour of self hosted searx is to expose the server’s IP to the actual search engines, do you use VPN or something at the server side?

But the default behaviour is to expose the server’s IP to the actual search engines, do you use VPN or something at the server side?

Do you know why izzyondroid has tracking, nonfreedep and nonfreenet flags?

Fine option too, I don’t recall why I chose tutanota over protonmail but yeah

True, at least make it a web, so every device with access to a popular browser (and camera or other requirements they have) will do.

TIL. Tnx.

I thought the reason they doesn’t at F-DROID is that they’re using google firebase (I think session uses that too because it’s a signal fork but I’m not sure).

Do they require a phone number when registering? I remember they do, but I might be wrong. I compared all FOSS WhatsApp alternatives a while ago, and I think that’s one of the reasons I ruled out Signal. Element was the winner btw.

BTW, even if they don’t, I still think Element is better. Signal doesn’t meet f-droid’s standard while Element does, and ofc Element is federalized while Signal is not (it’s centralized Oo).

Fuck signal and their phone number requirement, how is it vs Element?

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Seems like a minimalist searx with google results only, pretty cool for people who doesn’t get along with searx. Nice find!

K-9 mail for frontend only and tutanota for an actual privacy respecting email.

I think it’s important that the data will last. So many useful info can be found at threads, even at day-to-day threads.