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Sweet, I wasn’t expecting that. Good use of old hardware.

For some reason this popped in my head - talk about a flash in the pan tech craze. Link to verge article just because.

I just finished mankind divided and human revolution. Happy to see more of Adam Jensen or something new but I can imagine going with an open world game next time to make it contemporary.

That’s an idea, though I imagine a service with ~ 90,000 accounts wouldn’t be newsworthy.

The Verge removed (some) pro pixelfed comments and I don't know why
As a fan of pixelfed I occasionally checkout to see if it is causing any buzz on comments, generally around instagram-is-doing-something-bad posts. The verge posted [this article](https://www.theverge.com/2022/7/26/23279815/instagram-feed-kardashians-criticism-fuck-it-im-out) and there were some pro pixelfed comments that have been removed. ![comment1 - the post under supermassive no longer exists ](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/bd5fbc2e-d61e-4a70-9bd5-3c3213c83b64.jpeg) ![comment2](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/13d4fb83-1a99-45e6-b76f-822f55b10ba9.jpeg) There is still one comment, which is a simple link to the .org. But I don't see why the comments were removed unless they were auto flagged as bot-spam perhaps. Yet other comments pimping and linking to other options remain. ![Links to other](https://sopuli.xyz/pictrs/image/556fb9fa-56b9-4693-9b4e-800df5132c75.jpeg) Makes me a bit grumpy, with all the work Dansup has been putting in.

The show contains tracks from NOLA & II. For a good earlier show around the release of IV see DOWN - Live at Resurrection Fest 2014

Each instance should look to have an identity/define what is it about, from there its a moderation challenge. If there is a instance better suited for a community, in a perfect world it would be possible for mods refer them there, but regardless there will always be some kind of general content / pull to stick to one server as thats how some people work.

2c. Communities. You create and join communities. Talking about a specific community - @music@sopuli, music community on sopuli Lemmy as a whole/collective - lemmyverse

Snap - thats pretty much what I do.

Bandcamp where possible. Not interested in subscription services. I love physical media / Artwork but LPs are out of the price range, so CDs it is. Youtube dl for live gigs.

The ywere writing so much music when they were touring Zen Arcade they were already playing live somgs that would appear on the next two albums -

That is awesome sounds like a great live show if you’ve caught them a few times

Some detailed and insightful details as to his choices. Supercoven - Gooood pick!


I’m not their target market, because if anyone asked me I’d say krita/inkscape/affinity apps.

Upcoming 2022 release - Evidence Of Immortality,

So meta wants to dominate with htag metaverse and square htag web5 and the other web giants will launch their own approaches and hopefully fedi can take learnings about web identity and payments and keep doing its own thing. this has the potential to affect onlyfans/insta directly and will allow twitter to remove moderation headaches. Or something.moving on.

Just over a month till the first images (so says the site) Not sure what to expect.

if generalist communities like /lego are being set up on lemmy main its pretty much the flagship. I dont think the smaller generalist instances will grow.

Do you have to max out a character to have a good time with a game?

Following Diablo Immortal’s early launch, the game does indeed seem to be a “true Diablo experience” in more ways than not. The community began praising the core gameplay loop almost immediately upon release.

I guess players can always ask for their free to play money back.

I think this is more of a content/curation issue than a structural one. While you might find a way to improve discovery of communities on the platform, at the moment you are able to do so with a litle effort via communities/all

Bottom line. An external instance has to have something you want that cannot be found locally. One approach - Lemmy.ml could look to curate its communites and provide a method to redirect communities better suited to other instances. This adds to the workload/interactions between admins., though.

Quote from the opinion piece *The one last piece of leverage labels possessed was their marketing and publicity clout. But now labels want musicians to go viral on their own? Well, at this point the obvious question is: What does the label offer in return?*

Andras Schiff – J.S. Bach: The Well-Tempered Clavier Book 1
Never really looked into classical, but apparently this was the place to start (Work/Pianist not necessarily the recording) I cannot comprehend the skill/experience requiried to play that level of complexity for almost 2 hours from memory.

Yeah I came to rainbow working backwards from sabbath. Would have loved to see another record post mob rules.

Not a fan of led zep live (25 minute versions of dazed and confused etc) but I liked this version of a song I didnt really care for, which was the final encore of the set.

Tuk Fedicat

Forgot how kickass this album is (though you need to in the right mode to listen to a 1hr 15min thrash metal sci-fi concept album.) This 13 min final track nails the landing.