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In 2020 it was so frustrating watching experts talk about how if the world coordinated our lockdowns we could effectively end the virus within a couple months or so. Then when the US finally started shutting things down (well, my state at least) I watched some of my friends whine about how they wanted to go eat at a restaurant or go to the movies and how being asked to stay at home was the worst thing that’s ever happened to them.

Seeing how little some of my friends cared that people were dying made me so mad that I ended up just dropping a few of them and haven’t talked to them since. I hate it here

the first thing I thought when I saw this on the news was “they’re gonna use this to distract from all the ukraine fallout, aren’t they?”

anarchists constantly proving themselves more interested in aesthetics than material results

I noticed redditors started using the word right after John Oliver had an episode talking about it, because redditors are exactly the type of people to watch John Oliver for their political news

incredibly funny to mass downvote a bunch of posts on a site where votes are meaningless

I always wonder what the point of doing stuff like this is. Like were they expecting us to start melting like that guy in raiders of the lost ark? Just trying to vent their impotent rage? Exercise would be a more healthy alternative

oh for sure, sometimes when I’m cooking with cheese and a little bit burns on the pan I do the same thing lol

Also after their talk, Trudeau left the room while Xi stayed to greet other leaders lol. JT looked like a kid who just got scolded in front of his friends

it’s not but a lot of people got screenshots of it

I’ve been on twitter since like 2013 and I genuinely love that everyone is just going full “Fuck it” mode doing this. Reminds me of when jaboukie would do stuff like change his icon/name to impersonate the FBI with his blue check and tweet “just because we killed MLK doesn’t mean we can’t miss him” on MLK day. Just having a good time on the bird app

Until recently I was in a similar situation (IT). Had some interviews that seemed promising until I mentioned work-life balance being very important to me which immediately changed the mood of interviews (one guy actually laughed at me when I said that).

Seems like most of these companies only want people who are desperate enough to do anything. I hate that not wanting to spend every waking hour on the clock makes me “not a team player.” Like, sorry I actually want to enjoy my life outside of work, I guess lol.

Source: his ass

Anyway, (does the exact same thing)

honestly I like the sound of crickets because they remind me of spending summer break as a kid, playing starfox 64 until 3 AM back when I had no responsibilities. lmao @ the CIA agents going crazy hearing them

Seems like a ghoul who sees the writing on the wall

i had a lib get mad at me irl because i voted for gloria la riva in the 2020 election lol.

get out there and vote! it’s the most important election in our lifetime!

nooooo not like that

bruh I’m still wearing a mask whenever I leave my apartment because I’ve gone this long without getting the virus, I sure as shit am not gonna risk getting it now.

It sucks that so many people just gave up trying to fight it. I look at other countries where wearing masks is pretty normal (even before the virus) and wish mine could be like that. It still blows my mind that america opened back up so fast. Over a million people are dead because of this shit.

You should know there are still a lot of people who feel the same way. In fact I was just in a shop the other day that had a big “Masks required” sign on their door, and when someone came in without one the employee working there politely asked him to mask up. The guy was like “come on, really? you’re still doing this?” and the employee raised his voice “Either put on a mask or get out.” Which made me feel better, like at least I’m not the only one who still cares about it.

the other day I was watching a video on how to cook a pineapple upside-down cake and one of the top comments was about ukraine. it always comes off as such an empty gesture to get free karma/upvotes/whatever