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the gamer AI president videos that have been popping up on youtube are usually pretty funny, i remember laughing at the one where they make a zelda tier list

“that’s not a space elevator it’s actually a giant CCP mind control antenna”

yea that sub has a higher lib to comrade ratio than a lot of others but I kinda get it since it’s a “baby’s first ML space” kinda thing

I think they’re confusing the odd Z-posting nazbol weirdo with people who see what’s happening with Russia/NATO as a turning point in the US-led “rules-based” world order

yea I sometimes browse stuff like r/ukraine to soak in all the delusion but I can only handle so much per day without dying of cringe

not to sound like a broken record because I’ve posted this before but I’m still a bit stunned at how almost everyone in the US just kind of stopped caring about the virus around the same time. Literally over a million dead and most Americans’ reaction to the virus today is just “shrug oh well.” My friends still give me shit for wearing a mask when I go out. A nation of clowns

because I’m a masochist I sometimes put the news on while I do stuff around my apartment and earlier this evening I was cleaning my cat’s litter box and heard “an arrest warrant has been issued for Russian president Vladimir Putin” and burst out laughing at the absurdity of it

in the US people also regularly run over protestors with their cars and get away without punishment because “I was scared”

I think the one I’m remembering had something about reading Chinese in the title but this was a good read too, thanks

I wish I could remember where I saw it but a few years ago there was an article in which the CIA was crying about how hard it is to spy on China because their counter-intelligence network keeps finding and executing spies, and I specifically remember a quote bemoaning the difficulty of recruiting people because “it’s hard to find willing people who know how to read Chinese.” Lmao

you’re not missing much, they even quote someone from the atlantic council lol

I commented about this on reddit a while ago but it’s honestly so funny that Germany knows the US blew it up and yet still has to “yes, honey” them like a good little pet lmao. Absolutely pathetic.

one of my friends has recently started calling the state “Commiefornia” and I want to be like “Bro, you have no idea how much I fucking wish that were the case”

Funding for education in the state has been cut many times over the last few decades. when I was in grade school (in CA) there were like, maybe 20 kids in each class. Now it’s closer to 40. My girlfriend’s mom is a teacher and routinely has to spend her own money to buy supplies for her class. And charter school/voucher bullshit is being pushed pretty hard here. I got a pretty good public education but gen Z and younger are probably in for a rough ride.

Honestly it’s not just men, it’s every Tesla driver. I live near the edge of a pretty wealthy neighborhood where probably 1/3 of the residents own a Tesla. I ride to work on a motorcycle, and when I lane split (legal in my state) I’m constantly almost getting hit by these fucking things. I routinely have people see me in their side mirror (yes, motorcyclists can see you looking at them) and they’ll purposely veer towards the next lane to “squeeze” the gap and prevent me from passing. About 70% of the time it’s a Tesla. They are quickly surpassing BMWs as my most hated car on the road.

love how every outlet is just unquestioningly calling it a “spy balloon” now. Talk about inventing reality.

I love how ridiculous it is that so many of our cities (and states) are just some other city or country name but with “New” prepended to it.

It’s one of those things where if you tell someone about it you sound like a conspiracy nut, but like… come on

after it flew across the entire country lol

yea when the news about sending tanks over came out the first thing I thought was that Russia is probably gonna love spamming pictures of destroyed abrams/leopard tanks all over their media lol

I feel like the people who say “I used to be a Marxist, but…” are the ones whose foray into Marxism was posting lefty memes on discord or something.

It must be nice to have the kind of privilege to be like “You know what? I don’t really care what happens anymore. Not my problem.”

yea that’s what I mean, like the tank would be forced to leave the battlefield

lol I saw those comments and was thinking “okay… then what?” like, yeah the crew is still alive but what are they supposed to do now that their ammo exploded? And do they think the enemy will just fire once and that’s it?

I have a friend who was mostly normal until a few years ago when he took a hard right turn. His girlfriend’s family is very wealthy (they own a mansion) and he moved into it during the pandemic so I think he basically spent the last few years having rich chuds pushing him in that direction. He also listens to joe rogan 🤮.

We have a group chat where he and a few other people (I wouldn’t call them friends but I know them) talk about ukraine and it’s as insufferable as you can probably imagine. The rest of my friends are mostly “apolitical.”

As for my family members, most are somewhat well-intentioned liberals. Two others are conservative (both former military members, naturally) and one of my cousins refuses to get the covid vaccine because she thinks it’s some kind of mind control serum or something. So, the usual.

also the frequency (hz) of their purr has also been shown to promote bone growth and heal fractures!

I hope I’m wrong but some of the trailers give off that “this is what happens when you let communism run amok!” vibe. I remember one of the earlier trailers had a voiceover saying something like “Don’t believe capitalist propaganda! Our technology is safe!” while showing footage of killer robots attacking the player

bruh I’ve almost given up on trying to explain this shit to my friends. I keep getting accused of “falling for Russian propaganda” and I want to scream. People here are so heavily propagandized that talking about anything that goes against the west’s narrative is immediately dismissed as propaganda. It’s maddening.

It must be so nice to just explain everything away that easily and go about your day.

yea a lot of left wing servers I’m in are just people sending commie memes at each other and that’s it

I feel like discord (and other similar platforms) is so bad for people lol. I went a really long time without using it and eventually gave in and joined when genzedong got quarantined and damn is there a whole lot of ridiculous drama/power tripping/people taking things way too seriously.

(old man voice) When I was younger I would hang out in IRC channels and the exact same stuff would happen. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in your little internet umwelt and turn into a terminally online weirdo. It sounds trite but sometimes people really do need to just go touch some damn grass

it’s so funny when libs hear news about China reaching some kind of tech milestone and their first thought is “well obviously China wouldn’t be able to develop that before the US, so naturally it was stolen”

Just today I’ve seen three commercials for shen yun and every time I have to hear that stupid “Experience China Before Communism” tagline. God shut the fuck up