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Just tell me why lemmy.ml should necessarily be ideologically diverse? To be in permanent chaos and useless fights? I think there is already plenty of such platforms…

yeah this one :) in my opinion, it is just a great series with a fun plot and great atmosphere!

solo keys looks interesting! Am I right that it could be used as a password, not like a 2FA only?

upd seems it more 2FA solution

Can’t read the article, it requires subscribing.

As of NFT’s in general, there is barely a difference between them and collectible unique sneakers drops or another overpriced consumer junk in terms of hype and utility. If you cannot accept NFT’s boom, probably capitalism is not for you ^_-

You go right ahead. Dealing with one cryptobro at a time is quite enough for me, thanks.

Just friendly invite :)

Bitcoin has a lot of benefits for sure, but it is still closer to commodity than money.

On the other hand, at least for now Bitcoin is a speculative asset and adoption among developing countries could bring more harm than value, considering that bitcoin price is in hands of financial capital of developed countries.

It is too early to make any conclusions, let’s see if these experiments will succeed and bring value to developing countries.

there is also another point, ca. in 2017 was adopted a new thesis of “new investment class” (sorry for the link on own toot :) ), so basically since that time and considering growing correlation with DOW, bitcoin now is more investment / asset, than means of exchange… that’s why it is a bit strange for me when it is adopted as legal tender.

very interesting… at the same time, hard to say that El Salvador experience was successful enough to replicate.

Since there were talks about creating something on blockchain for c/crypto like erc20 token or some poap-like nfts, but there is no decision yet, I decided to make a first step - create a blockchain register where community members could record their addresses to be eligible to get something that we…


I have just noticed, that few last months ddg is not working as good as it used to. 🤗

c/crypto Community Improvement Proposals (CIPs)

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