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Immersion of course is better than anything, but if you can’t immerse yourself, I highly recommend doing youtube comprehensible input methods. Check out this vid by Stephen Krashen for a good intro.

Imo its not necessary to go back to allowlist yet, and I’d rather add malicious instances to our blocklist. We’ve only had to add like 2 so far, but can easily add more.

We’re not perfect, just doing the best we can. If you demand that we are, I suggest you leave right now, because we can never be perfect.

These are my thoughts on email too. Using throwaways is so easy for trolls, and legitimate users now have a privacy concern since a lot of the “legitimate” email services are really invasive.

To combat the anti-Semitic brigades over the last few days, we've made it so that new users have to fill out a registration application before they can join here.

This should help us cut down on the trolls. We recommend other instances do the same, because they will likely be targeted also. …

I distro hopped for many years, until I ended up on arch (the rolling distros are kind of a stable end state for linux installs). I will say that the argument that “rolling distros are more unstable”, was completely wrong and unfounded. Many updates to things like qt or xorg have broken point distributions, and I’ve found that an arch install has been more stable than ubuntu in particular.

password authentication failed for user “admin”

Its telling you your password is wrong. What do you want me to do.

Check your database block. You have the wrong username. Did you save your old config before overwriting it?

Reread my comment, and post your new lemmy.hjson.

Its so incredibly frustrating too, because reddits search is awful and search engines do a better job. The only way I’ve found around this is to copy the url into the search bar of some mobile reddit clients.

Ya as other said below, this would be very easy to do with lemmy-js-client. That endpoint is called persondetails I think.

We also have an open issue for user export of your own data, which would be very easy for someone who knows sql to do.

That’s correct, you don’t need those, unless you use a custom db config, which you did in this case.

Its telling you the exact error. You either used a different db user than lemmy, or have the wrong password. I don’t have your original lemmy hjson before you deleted it, so i can’t be sure.

That last image looks like its from terminator 2 when sarah connor is trying to get the kids attention by slamming on the fence before skynet drops the nukes.

Lemmy now has private instances, optional registration applications, optional email verification, and temporary bans! These are described in detail below. …


I’m gonna have to test this with a new server, damn this is cool…

I recently made a simple android app to search my https://torrents-csv.ml service. …

We've added wolfballs.com to our blocklist.

Based on concerns from both the admin team and most users here, the lemmy.ml admin team decided to add wolfballs.com to our blocklist. There is just too much reactionary content that breaks almost all the rules we have here. …

While @nutomic@lemmy.ml and I do have a lot of issues that are going to take us a lot of time this upcoming year, its still useful for us to hear what your most desired features for Lemmy are, and prioritize them. …


I find myself using them on pretty much every platform that has them: matrix, masto, discord, etc. …

Today is an exciting day for the Lemmy project. …

Currently it blanks out the content ( IE the post title, etc ) when you go to a mod removed post, but you will still see the title in the modlog. …

Since our last release earlier this month, we’ve had ~30 commits to Lemmy. …