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Which has little to do with your headline “Blinken calls Nord Stream sabotage a tremendous strategic opportunity for years to come.” The association between those two portions of the speech is a complete fabrication.

The association between those two points is pretty direct actually given that he literally lists what these opportunities are.

That paragraph is pretty clear. The Inflation Reduction Act is an investment that will benefit both sides of the Atlantic.

No, it benefits the US because it will be selling gas and products to Europe. It completely fucks Europe because it’s becoming deinudstrialized as a result:

Yeah, that’s sort of the elephant in the room. The west has been printing money like no tomorrow each time there has been a risk of a recession. This goes back at least all the way to the Y2K crisis. They’ve been basically externalizing the problem into the future all this time. Then the pandemic hit and the economic war and all of a sudden printing money doesn’t solve the problem anymore and they don’t know what to do.

Meanwhile, Russia’s been shoring up its economy since 2014 and carefully weaning itself away from the west this whole time so it would be able to survive decoupling. I can guarantee that China’s been doing the same, and these will be the rising economies as western financial system spirals out of control next year.

And so we’ve significantly increased our production as well as making available to Europe liquefied natural gas. And we’re now the leading supplier of LNG to Europe to help compensate for any gas or oil that it’s losing as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

This is a direct quote stating that US is now the leading supplier of LNG to Europe. Furthermore, it’s not like there isn’t prior context here of US trying to get Europe to switch to using US LNG instead of Russian pipeline gas.

Meanwhile, even the clean energy part of the speech clearly talks about opportunities for US to sell things to Europe:

One way to do that is through the Inflation Reduction Act, which provides more than $368 billion for clean energy technologies like electric vehicles and battery components that are manufactured in North America. It’s the biggest, most ambitious climate investment in the history of our country; it offers a chance for us to deepen our economic integration and expand inclusive economic opportunity for our people.

Stop trying to pretend that tying Europe to American LNG and manufacturing isn’t directly benefiting America at the expense of Europe.

That is not what Blinken said at all. You’re cherry picking pieces of his speech and then putting them together in creative and highly speculative ways.

I gave a literal quote from Blinken where he says that this is a huge opportunity for US based LNG suppliers. Nowhere did he say anything about it being temporary. That’s just you making things up.

You’re literally on here hawking conspiracy theories from a creative interpretation of a speech. Typical conspiracy theorist tactic: find a text and mangle it until it means what you want. So pot meet kettle.

I’m not hawking any conspiracy theories here. I’m simply pointing out that US has a clear motive while nobody else does.

Only a handful of countries have the means to do this, and claiming that it’s more likely that Russia blew up their own pipeline for no reason as opposed to US having done it with a clear reason is precisely the conspiracy theorist tactic one would use. The fact that anybody can even say that with a straight face is absolutely surreal.

US is a terrorist state with a long history of doing precisely these kinds of attacks. You live in a terrorist state buddy. Own it.

I literally said inflation is down to 7.5%:

Inflation in Russia has been falling, and it’s now down to 7.5% already.

I’m sorry I didn’t realize you’re unable to comprehend that inflation being down to 7.5% implies there is change over time in inflation.

And of course, we don’t have to talk about annual rates. We can clearly talk about the change in inflation over past 6 months. Change in Russia has been that inflation is dropping and prices are stable. The change in Europe has been the opposite. These are basic facts of the situation.

Once again, since your reading comprehension is evidently very poor, I’m saying that US is the one country with a clear motive, means, and history of doing such things. You absolutely can debate motives without absolute proof. That’s literally how every criminal investigation starts, by identifying a motive. You’re so bad at this. 😂

Yes, but I’m talking about demand or supply that will met the previous Europe’s exports. The calculations show that those numbers are not met even with the new pipelines, even with more supply and demand. Not sure why this is so hard to understand.

Not sure what part of Russia can build as many pipelines as they need you’re struggling with here. Meanwhile, in the short term Russia is making money hand over fist, so not like they’re hurting in the short term either.

Are you mixing this up to the estimates they have released for 2023?

No, I’m not. I’m talking about month by month inflation. Here’s another breakdown for you https://www.focus-economics.com/countries/russia/news/inflation/inflation-comes-in-at-highest-level-since-february-2016-in-october-0

Consumer prices rose 1.11% in October over the previous month, picking up from the 0.60% increase seen in September. October’s uptick marked the highest reading since March 2015 and was chiefly driven by rising prices for goods and food. Meanwhile, services prices were broadly stable at the outset of Q4.

Inflation increased to 8.1% in October, following September’s 7.4%. October’s reading represented the highest inflation rate since February 2016. Meanwhile, the trend pointed up, with annual average inflation coming in at 6.1% in October (September: 5.7%). Lastly, core inflation rose to 8.0% in October, from September’s 7.6%.

Consumer prices are staying pretty stable. How does that compare with Europe again?

In short, you refuse to acknowledge the fact that Blinken plainly stated that US based LNG companies are the biggest benefactors of the pipelines being blown up.

I have not stated any rumors, speculations, or misinformation here. What I stated is that US is the only country with a clear motive and that Blinken confirmed this. Nobody has stated any coherent motives for other countries to destroy this infrastructure. You’re no different from a 9/11 conspiracy theorist.

Keep coping.

Yeah great point, I also read that molten salt is safer than water coolant because it turns solid when the reaction stops. So, you don’t have to worry about it leaking into the soil and contaminating the environment.

I chose to write the topic because Blinken admits that US directly benefits from blowing up the pipeline creating a clear motive to do so. In fact, nobody has been able to come up with a credible motive for anybody but US to do this. Keep on coping with the fact that US fucked Europe over. These are the shared values you cherish so much on display there.

And what makes China’s, India’s etc. demands to go up from the current imports?

The manufacturing that’s moving there from Europe right now.

No it’s not. You picked the wrong number. That’s the central bank’s key rate. The inflation in August 2022 was 14,3%.

No, I didn’t pick the wrong number. The inflation was at 15% peak, and has been coming down since.

Then why steal it?

Well going with the narrative of the article it’s to sell it for profit. Did you read the article you linked? 😂

LMAO. Blinken states a fact that provides a huge motive for US to blow up the pipeline. Love how you’re still struggling to understand that. 😂

Nice change of topic when you reach the point you can’t admit being wrong or the numbers I provided were actually accurate.

I’m literally discussing the same topic here. Costs for energy go up when the supply cannot meet demand. Once again, this is why Russia is currently making record profits while selling less gas. I’ve literally linked you pipelines Russia currently building to replace Europe. You just made a baseless assertion that they won’t keep doing more of that going forward.

So about the same level as Russia?

Inflation in Russia has been falling, and it’s now down to 7.5% already.

I’m still kind of baffled why Russia keeps stealing and exporting Ukrainian grain if they are so self-sufficient with food. Could you provide some insight to that?

Nice pivot there to a made up story. But even if we took this story at face value it doesn’t support your point since it says Russia is EXPORTING grain from Ukraine. If they weren’t self sufficient in food then they’d be using it themselves. It’s amazing that this sort of thing needs to be explained.

One of the reasons that thorium is a much better fuel is the waste profile. It produces far less waste, and the waste that it does produce has a much shorter half-life. It also produces a lot of isotopes that are useful for medical purposes like cancer treatments.

Please provide a quote from Russia that says anything of the sort. What Russia said is that they would retaliate in kind if the west considered using nuclear weapons. This whole narrative of Russia threatening to use nukes has been the most bizarre bit of propaganda to date. There literally has been no change in Russian stance on use of nuclear weapons.

Western media relies on the fact that no westerners bother reading the actual statements published by Russia and simply make stuff up that fits the preconceptions westerners have. Since you already believe that Russia would threaten to use nuclear weapons then you won’t check to see if that’s the case when your media tells you so.

That’s literally what Blinken says in his speech:

And so we’ve significantly increased our production as well as making available to Europe liquefied natural gas. And we’re now the leading supplier of LNG to Europe to help compensate for any gas or oil that it’s losing as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.

But there’s multiple reasons why the supply cannot meet the demands.

Which makes the cost go up! In fact, you’ll be seeing this soon personally when your country is going to be running out of essentials this winter. Perhaps personal experience will help you understand how supply and demand works.

With all the companies left from the country, that will surely have an impact in the future. We just cannot see the outcome yet.

Sure we can, inflation numbers for Europe just came out and it’s double digit inflation all across Eurozone https://ec.europa.eu/eurostat/documents/2995521/14698140/2-30092022-AP-EN.pdf/727d4958-dd57-de9f-9965-99562e1286bf?t=1664464564725

We’re not even in winter yet. Most analysts didn’t expect things to get this bad until at least February. This is also a self reinforcing effect. As people see European economy crash they pull their capital out of Europe, and this causes others to pull their capital out too. Nobody wants to be left holding the bag when the crash happens.