First part of a three-part series about the origin of life, given by Nobel Prize winner Jack Szostak. A fascinating topic. The lectures are a bit old, but the information is not outdated. [Part 2](https://bolitoglossa.com/w/s7G9TUse32fJBZ2hKSHc4A) [Part 3](https://bolitoglossa.com/w/s7G9TUse32fJBZ2hKSHc4A) These lectures come from [iBiology](https://www.ibiology.org/), a non-profit that produces educational content and releases it under a creative commons license.

Some of my co-workers study the origin of life, and part of their work focuses on pre-biotic peptide synthesis. I am convinced that nucleotides appeared well before protein synthesis, and that protein synthesis appears at a mature stage during life's evolution, likely catalyzed by ribozymes... So I don't think that pre-biotic peptide synthesis is relevant for the origin of life! I am making an effort to study the alternative hypotheses in which life has a proteomic origin. My opinion is still unchanged, but I found this article interesting because at least it proposes a somewhat viable model. Do you have any opinions about the origin of life?

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