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  • I don’t particularly like her, then again I detest nearly all politicians. That being said, I’m more motivated to vote, that’s for certain. I didn’t mind Biden, but it felt like elder abuse lol. He’s been better than anyone in my lifetime. Good God, I’d rather have her than Hilary as the first woman in the spot. Biden was just hard to watch and that position needs someone that will have to live with the consequences of the decisions in office. Will be curious to see who else puts their name in. 4 years ago he said he wouldn’t run again and he seems to be keeping that promise too. If they were clever, they’d put Biden as VP or as an advisor.

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    Physical damage? It depends on the damage, I assume, but overall, they are pretty sensitive to root rot, etc. Climate change hits them hard. Check out Oliver Rackham’s work, he is a better read than the cover implies.