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    We aged, we decrepit, we ancients of the internet, we people over 30, hear my word and shudder, for the hour of our obsolescence is at hand.

    “I would just say the younger kids, I guess, the new generation, a lot of high schoolers and early college students now say rizz,” says De Tolla, with enormous tact.

    They’re looking for what OUP describes as “a word or expression that reflects the past twelve months in some way, having potential as a term of lasting cultural significance or providing a snapshot of social history.”

    “Given that last year ‘goblin mode’ resonated with so many of us after the pandemic, it’s interesting to see a contrasting word like rizz come to the forefront, perhaps speaking to a prevailing mood of 2023, where more of us are opening ourselves up after a challenging few years and finding confidence in who we are,” said Oxford Languages President Casper Grathwohl in a statement.

    (Cenat, incidentally, is old-person-famous for inciting a riot by offering free video game consoles to his followers in New York’s Union Square.)

    Gradually, “rizz” made its way from Cenat’s Twitch stream to TikTok, where De Tolla says he became aware of it as a new word around September 2022.

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