I slouch a lot, so my shoulders are a bit rounded at my neutral posture. I have tried to get into the habit of doing wall glides, stretching my chest, doing back exercises, and sitting properly. But after quite a few years of testing strategies, tools, and trying to build consistent habits, I usually manage to get two or three weeks of good progress but then fall back to the usual bad habits and my posture does not really improve.

Do any of you have any success stories about correcting your bad posture? I would like to learn from your success!


In my experience with lifestyle changes, if i can’t identify the ways that the change noticably improves my life, i won’t be likely to stick with it. If your slouching isn’t causing you pain or problems, if your concern is mostly asthetic, you shouldn’t expect to adjust it because the problem is somewhat imaginary.

Of course prolonged bad posture causes problems, but if your not experiencing them yet subjectively, it might be hard to do much about it.

For my part i was having some pains and some issues, my postural corrections mostly had to do with labor, proper form when lifting, doing my best to have my keyboard at the proper angle to my wrists, etc. The benifits from these were more or less imediate and the result was a general improvement in posture overall.

So my advice is strive to be aware of your body, what it’s doing and how it’s reacting, both negative and positive.

I think a lot of the answers here aren’t addressing the problem OP is bringing up-- falling back into bad habits. The key to avoiding that is arguably far more difficult than learning what exercises to do and how often.

I did using kettlebells and lifting weights.

Physical therapy.

I had back pain following an accident, correcting my posture removed the pain. The therapist will design exercise based on your “profile” and needs.

Also having someone with some sort of authority telling you what to do helps to stay on tracks (plus you pay for it).

doing regular excercises every day for at least an hour

NFT screenshotter

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Lemmy sucks

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Learn Argentine Tango.

I am a pretty tall guy, so I tend to slouch a lot. People always tell me about my bad posture. I have done really nothing to fix it. Waiting for suggestions from other people.

Lol, I’m also tall and I tend to slouch a bit because I want to be on other people’s level. I think we just have to accept that we’re taller and stand up straight, I have to remind myself.

I agree with the previous comment. Also, lying on your bed on your back, allow your head to hang off the edge. You should feel a stretch all the way from your neck down your spine. A massage therapist told me this is good for stretching because I work at a computer all day.

That’s really good advice it helps me a lot

Gym makes wanders to your posture (and body in general), squats and deadlifts were the best for me.

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