So many philosophy communities on lemmy, yet not many active philsophers to be seen :/

Like politics, philosophy surrounds all of us but unlike politics it takes a lot of energy to meaningfully engage with it. And once you do, the vocab gets technical and hard to follow which in turn just closets philosophy inside its bubble once again.

That is a fair point. At the end of the day, one of philosophy’s principal fuctions is to help us lead a batter life and so I don’t see the point of gatekeeping it. Either way, lemmy is a tiny platform and its philosophy community is even smaller, consider it a small group of mates who like to chatter about life, so don’t feel pressured to sound “sophisticated”. And I encourage you to share your thoughts, ideas and opinions freely :)

Philosophy is one of the least gate-kept pursuits, the problem of vocab can be solved by being patient and empathetic to our interlocutors, as that is the whole point.

I hope one day philosophy will lower the barrier to its entry and allow people with lower attention span (like me), to engage with it on equal grounds

P.S. shout out to who writes amazing questions / articles on philosophy and morals

How do we use the community w/o creating a separate account there?

Okay no joke but I legit made this recommendation on mastodon a day ago…

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