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So imo, you should also research the advice your dr gives you in case the wikipedia page was vandalized when she was reading it.

Which means next day you'll be more tired Alcohol is a sedative, which is sorta like knocking someone via like fainting then sleeping

a 2013 study, Wright and his research team showed one week of camping in the Rocky Mountains with no artificial light, not even flashlights, synchronized the circadian clocks of the eight study subjects with the timing of sunrise and sunset.

Ptsd is more likely if you don't have as much social contact + can't express grief
Ptsd is more likely if you don't have as much social contact + can't express grief. Potentially 'cant express grief publicly'. If entire community subject to tragedy less rates of ptsd - even allievates ptsd symptoms in long term ptsd victims. During war/after 911, suicide/depression/homicide rates drop. Potentially from being involved in a grand cause. Causes people to speak to each other. Our brains enjoy helping each other. Much higher rates of mental health problems in human history. These increase with urbanization. Countries might focus too much on tearing themselves apart by every possible ethnic line etc. Soldiers in ancient times got ptsd at lower rates, potentially due to; death/blood being more common, at camp they were usually safe whereas nowadays - never safe (drones, long range missiles, ied) so modern soldiers always always hypervigilant, killing was considered glorious, crying was allowed amongst men concussions increase the odds of ptsd developing 35 days of uninterrupted combat, 98% have psychiatric disturbances. Short term hypervigilance is probably advantageous - easily awaken, worried about event.

afaik storing water when it rains and expelling much less water when they breath. citation: my gr 12 bio class. Which i finished 20 years ago, so my memory could be rusty

pretty sure i’ve seen posts saying there are. share any you find here :)

Note to self, Spiderman, deadpool, hawks might do this.

Trying to do it irl causes the aggressor to keep on pressing the attack. Try to mentally deadpool them, but don’t say the retorts aloud

Research suggests that not just sleep position, but sleep itself, can play a role in musculoskeletal pain, including neck and shoulder pain. In one study, researchers compared musculoskeletal pain in 4,140 healthy men and women with and without sleeping problems. Sleeping problems included difficulty falling asleep, trouble staying asleep, waking early in the mornings, and non-restorative sleep. They found that people who reported moderate to severe problems in at least three of these four categories were significantly more likely to develop chronic musculoskeletal pain after one year than those who reported little or no problem with sleep. One possible explanation is that sleep disturbances disrupt the muscle relaxation and healing that normally occur during sleep. Additionally, it is well established that pain can disrupt sleep, contributing to a vicious cycle of pain disrupting sleep, and sleep problems contributing to pain.

Thankfully it’s not as contagious as covid and we already have vaccines for it.

It’s debateable how contagious it is https://mander.xyz/post/210541, both might be airborne

“Contact with bodily fluids from infected person” spreads it, but it can be spread via: https://mander.xyz/post/210541

Thankfully it’s not as contagious as covid and we already have vaccines for it.

Monkeypox Vaccines Are Too Gnarly for the Masses


i haven’t read thru it thou

Covid-19 Has Orphaned 5.2 Million Children So far!

simpson meme here

It works for me 100% of the time

Have only tried it once lool

monkeypox isn’t as infectious or even as deadly,

“The case fatality rate in these four African countries combined is 4.4%”

iirc og covid is 0.75% globally. Probably like 1% or so no treatment.

so afaik, monkeypox is 4.4x deadlier than og covid no treatment for both.

I’ve only been paying attention for 1 month, so far it’s 2300+ in 1 month.

Typo’d “The best approach is too not * respond in any kind of significant way, including head nods”

but yeah the article seems to be about like a random/acquaintance, not a friend

Difficult goals (90th) percentile goals yield better performance than easy goals , assuming motivation not ability/time is the limiting factor