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Turmeric has some potential
Would have rather posted this to a neutropic sub, but we don't have one on the Lemmyverse, but loosely related There is no scientific evidence that curcumin reduces inflammation, as of 2020.[10][11][45] There is weak evidence that turmeric extracts may be beneficial for relieving symptoms of knee osteoarthritis,[46] as well as for reducing pain and muscle damage following physical exercise

Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME)
In the past 5 years, there have been several clinical trials investigating the potential anti-aging effects of metformin in humans. One notable study is the Targeting Aging with Metformin (TAME) trial, which aims to test whether metformin can delay or prevent age-related diseases such as cardiovascular disease, cancer, and cognitive decline. The trial has completed its planning phase and is currently recruiting participants. Other studies have also investigated the potential benefits of metformin for specific age-related conditions, such as cognitive impairment and frailty. While more research is needed to establish the safety and efficacy of metformin as an anti-aging therapy, these studies suggest that it holds promise as a potential tool to promote healthy aging.

Nicotine is unusual in comparison to most drugs, as its profile changes from stimulant to sedative with increasing dosagesl
Nicotine is unusual in comparison to most drugs, as its profile changes from stimulant to sedative with increasing dosages, a phenomenon known as "Nesbitt's paradox" after the doctor who first described it in 1969

So if you know with 100% certain you're about to be tortured for 5 minutes, not a bad idea to get hammered. But if they wait til you sober up a little then torture you, it'll be worse.

However, because the vast majority of COVID-19 cases do not require hospitalization, many more cases of long COVID have arisen from these milder cases despite their lower risk.

Do even 5mins naps destroy anyone else?
If I'm working late and a have a 5 min nap anytime after like 4pm, it makes me have insomnia that night by more than 5 mins. Happens quite consistently.

Alcohol consumption activates cortisol both during consumption and after
Which is why it's a poor anti anxiety thing and poor sleep aid

Subscribers of this sub, do you still use masks in public?
Not even nurses I know wear masks outside of work here.

Okay, lower blood glucose responses is like legumes and high blood glucose response is like sugary cereals?

Which sounds like that backs my hypothesis that sugary cereals are still barely fit for human consumption

cross-posted from: https://mander.xyz/post/457626 > Basically until it's visible soiled

Basically until it's visible soiled. When wet doesn't work as well, but fine again when dries

Could you explain what “breakfast rich in carbohydrate, and a lower blood glucose response following breakfast” means?

Like so I should eat sugary cereals on the morning?

Lower blood glucose responses?

Mental exhaustion right before bed to fall asleep quickly?
When I'm mentally exhausted, like after work, I've noticed it's very easy to just collapse onto my bed and sleep.

Hot showers haven’t ever worked for me. But I have slept in bathtubs filled with hot water.

tested lots of different techniques during that time and the only one that I think had some effect was doing cardio that was intense enough to leave me physically exhausted.

What works ish for me semi consistently that isn’t drugs when having severe trouble, sitting in front of a personal heater til I overheat and that makes it easy for me to fall asleep, but it only works in the winter and i have to be naked so sweat evaporates.

Rumor: Manually trying to make your eyes do rem might help you fall asleep?
I'll try it out and see if it works for me Reddit: When you’re in bed with your eyes closed, roll them back as far as you can (it’s kind of a weird feeling to me). Hold them like that for several seconds, relax, repeat. The reason something so simple works is because your eyes roll back naturally when you’re really asleep in this fashion. Doing it deliberately signals the brain to release melatonin, which is one of our “sleep hormones” (and popular as a supplement to take at bedtime to help sleep). So there you have it. I just saved you 12 bucks. :D

Anything entertaining enough like scishow psych lol.

Close enough for this sub since there isn’t anywhere better

a 2013 study, Wright and his research team showed one week of camping in the Rocky Mountains with no artificial light, not even flashlights, synchronized the circadian clocks of the eight study subjects with the timing of sunrise and sunset.

afaik storing water when it rains and expelling much less water when they breath. citation: my gr 12 bio class. Which i finished 20 years ago, so my memory could be rusty

put all of these in pokemon/tuxmon asap

pretty sure i’ve seen posts saying there are. share any you find here :)


try thinking ‘is this useful?’ when ruminating

Note to self, Spiderman, deadpool, hawks might do this.

Trying to do it irl causes the aggressor to keep on pressing the attack. Try to mentally deadpool them, but don’t say the retorts aloud

Thankfully it’s not as contagious as covid and we already have vaccines for it.

It’s debateable how contagious it is https://mander.xyz/post/210541, both might be airborne

“Contact with bodily fluids from infected person” spreads it, but it can be spread via: https://mander.xyz/post/210541

Thankfully it’s not as contagious as covid and we already have vaccines for it.

Monkeypox Vaccines Are Too Gnarly for the Masses


i haven’t read thru it thou

Covid-19 Has Orphaned 5.2 Million Children So far!

simpson meme here

It works for me 100% of the time

Have only tried it once lool

monkeypox isn’t as infectious or even as deadly,

“The case fatality rate in these four African countries combined is 4.4%”

iirc og covid is 0.75% globally. Probably like 1% or so no treatment.

so afaik, monkeypox is 4.4x deadlier than og covid no treatment for both.

I’ve only been paying attention for 1 month, so far it’s 2300+ in 1 month.

Typo’d “The best approach is too not * respond in any kind of significant way, including head nods”

but yeah the article seems to be about like a random/acquaintance, not a friend

Difficult goals (90th) percentile goals yield better performance than easy goals , assuming motivation not ability/time is the limiting factor

Some interesting points I came across that aren’t enough for their own post: https://hbr.org/2018/01/why-we-should-be-disagreeing-more-at-work

In fact, we’ve come to equate saying “I see it differently” or “I don’t agree” with being angry, rude, or unkind, so it makes most people horribly uncomfortable.

"While homogenous groups are more confident in their performance, diverse groups are often more successful in completing tasks.”

Most people want people to like them. That’s normal.

It’s two separate apps, they only interact if you do it manually, but what you’re describing would be better !

You’re the admin’s alt acct?

Sounds good with me and I like your subversive strategy!

Obligatory inb4 site wide ban. Just so if it happens I can say “told ya so” lol

Only rectal - which is good, but not as good as the title led me to believe

Thanks for the analysis! Someone else made a vegan community just now and specifically said questions are allowed, so that works!

Yeah but that’s like when you forget your car keys at home and half to walk back from your garage to your home to grab them, and the wife explodes on you - because it’s not actually about the keys, it’s something else


Except replace with unlimited wealth. $ eye balls and instead of force lightning, it’s force stonks rising

Assuming the graph data isn’t fudged, seems concerning to me. But if we’re lucky it will plateau