Check out Goliath today using the link below and save 20% today: out UGREEN’s 9-in-1 USB-C Docking Station at https:/...

My one criticism with my Framework is the width of the USB-C modules. It’s a great idea, but it needs to have a couple of base USB-C ports exposed in addition to the modules. As is, it’s easy to quickly run out of free ports, and then you start needing to carrying around a bunch of modules.

Ugh, can’t stand this guy. Nothing but clickbait from him. Framework is cool though.

It’s YouTube? Everyone plays the game. I enjoyed the showcase of what Framework is releasing

Holy fucking shit… seriously? “I made a mistake… I SHOULD HAVE BOUGHT MORE OF THOSE LAPTOPS!!1 lmao”

That’s ridiculous. I don’t know why people waste each others time so much. I immediately closed the window.

He’s talking about shares of the company for those like me who thought, “what is he even going to do with more laptop ?”

Of course. It wasn’t meant to be taken literal. It’s a comment about the clickbait nature of the video.

Ive been very damn satisfied with my framework, and the new stuff they are coming out with is somehow even cooler!

Is it reasonably high quality? I’m thinking of getting one but have been scared that it’s a big meme because I havent seen any longterm reviews. It seems like parts could fall off etc but I’ve never held one so I don’t know.

Yes its a high quality product. I was also skeptical so i waited for 12th gen, as i had a friend that preordered one the minute they were anounced. Ive had mine for a bit less than a year, my friend closer to two, and neither of us have had any hardware issues.
Obviously theyre still a young company, so theres still some risk i guess. But its probably my favorite laptop ive had.

Its not all sunshine and rainbows obviously, there are a couple things that could be better. The speakers are meh, the screen is ok, but in my case these were not things i was worried about

How is the battery life ? Like, how long can you use it ?

Heard its better on windows, with the smaller battery i get around 7h from 90 to 0 on Gentoo with normal usage. Though ootb without any optimizations it was closer to 5h.


Gentoo…? You masochist :-)

Hahahaha. Tbh been loving gentoo. Its not really harder than arch; the main downside is compile times which can be avoided by updating at night


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