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New community: Mythical Numbers - for crossposting content that has special numbers (ex 69, 88, 13,
Ideally stumbled across by accident, ideally not set up on purpose. Ex someone shares a chinese military demo and there happens to be a block of 69 soldiers standing in the frame. If it was 88 soldiers, it would have been on purpose given 88 is a lucky in china. Inspired by the '11' sub that is the same idea but is only for the number 11.

New community: predictions - for posting your predictions of what will come!
https://lemmy.ca/c/predictions Could be fictions, non fiction, technology, politics, election results etc

New cummunity: Instance Simulator!
Instance Simulator is suppose to be a fully-automated subsection on lemmy featuring posts and comments generated by bot accounts using Markov chain randomization processes. In practice, it distills the raw essence of each fediverse app/lemmyverse instance into posts/comments. Ain't anyone got the skill to make this, so we do it the old fashion way. How to: 1. Unless you're using a novelty acct, tag what instance your imitating ex, [beehaw] 2. Imitate. Try not to get cancelled, ex don't imitate the rightwing instances - we already know what a generic rightwing posts look like :p