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Cause your points are based on nothing but your feelings and cultural upbringing.

That’s it.

Also this site shut down for some reason.

Your entire argument is based on nothing more than your conservative definition of sex. You even claim 99% of the people are trapped and try to gaslight to get your point across.

Nothing you said proves anything. It’s just you substuting your beliefs as universal values.

This community really is prudish about sex.

All of it is sex and people here do mental gymnastics for no other reason than cultural reasons and conservative behavior.

It actually degrades the sex worker and continues the same stigma towards sex.

All sex work between adults should be legal. Prudish beliefs really need to change.

From my experience, a lot of those “farmers” in the middle east tend to be quite educated.

I agree with you. This community has such prude views of sex. It’s so weird.

Sex work is work and deserves all rights and respect as all workers.

Saying it should go extinct is a personal preference and nothing more. It’s based on society devaluing and view sex as an evil rather than a normal bodily function.

Maher has always been pretty fascist. He just hid it with snarky commentary.

r/Russia is effectively gone. The subreddit is nothing but trolls.

Michael Hudson, an economist, said the Russia beef is really just the US trying to keep Western Europe particularly Germany under its sphere of influence.

My computer is wonky. I saw this comment in completely different thread.

Also where did the 120k Russian deaths pop-up from? It all of sudden appeared by the NY Times. Way more than what most claim. Now Newsweek claims is burning their own dead to hide their casualties.

Seems Western media is getting more desperate because they fear the Ukraine is winning narrative is falling apart.

Seymour Hersh was well respected until he published a bin Laden story that said Zero Dark Thirty was made up.

NBC even confirmed one element of the story but then backtracked because media was outraged that Hersh would suggest that bin Laden’s death wasn’t the heroic tale everyone made it out to be.

He also published an article saying the chemical attack on Ghuta in Syria was done by insurgents.

Also the adults are starting to realize this war has convinced non-Westerners to start disassociate with the West particularly alternatives to the dollar and SWIFT system.

The idea, he said, is to broaden the pool of potential donors in an effective way to “increase the likelihood of Black and Latino family members and friends receiving life-saving treatment.” González, said this could benefit prisoners because it restores individual agency and decision-making.

Translation: Guys it’s only a way to force black and brown people to donate their body parts!

What was their excuse?

Second paragraph: >**While the officials caution that casualties are notoriously difficult to estimate**, particularly because Moscow is believed to routinely undercount its war dead and injured, they say the slaughter from fighting in and around the eastern Ukrainian city of Bakhmut and the town of Soledar has ballooned what was already a heavy toll. Everything in this article is made up and they are telling everyone right off the bat.

This article is all kinds lol. It claims the Mozart group is a volunteer organization but describes mercenaries and opportunists. It’s hilarious how much damage control the article is trying to do.

Wasn’t the leader the one who spilled the beans in a YouTube interview?

In the article, Newsweek quoted a “Russia expert” from the Wilson Center to do damage control. He said “Well ackshually I think Russian economy will drop 1-2% this year.”

Amazing how western media always needs to add a counter narrative to discredit news they don’t like. If the IMF said the Russian economy will contract 1-2% then they wouldn’t bother with a countrary opinion.

Translation: Please give the MIC more money. No questions asked.

Also please no Breitbart trash.

Serious question, is Mike Whitney racist?

His articles use to be on Counterpunch.org but no longer and I see them on UNZ review which is a refuge for white supremacists.

Following the gross malfeasance of the withdrawal, I didn’t think that there were more red lines to cross, any further moral injury that could be inflicted on those of us who served or worked to save our allies. Yet, with this soul-sickening revelation that our closest partners will now bleed for Russia, here we are. Again. We should have seen it coming. We abandoned our closest partners wholesale: what choice were the commandos left with? Those left behind are suffering destitution, famine, persecution from the Taliban.

No, they are suffering from US war and sanctions. Withdrawing is the one right thing.

This author has a white man’s burden complex.

This comment in the link is heavy on copium:

*Primere non nocere 2 DAYS AGO Aside from things already mentioned about US capital markets’ strengths, US dollar is the most desirable instrument not because rivals are too weak but

  • There is will among EM middle class to educate/migrate their kids to USA
  • USA has the most potential for innovation hence products with pricing power (really, what did China, Russia, India or Europe put something totally new in place for the last 78 years???)
  • US Navy/Army is unrivalled. Gulf countries know all to well that their very existence depends on US security guarantees

This article all sounds like “Japan taking over the world” mania during late 1980s. It was a craze almost a hallucination. We know how it ended, Japanese living in tiny houses, banks allowing zombies to survive

Dollar (USA) losing its dominance can be at most transitory. Factors which made US a great place to emigrate hasn’t changed at all*

The WMD hystetia is why I have become very skeptical. It amazes me how the same trick can be played over and over again.

Scream baseless accusations and ignore rational arguments to justify war.

The comments are atrocious. So many people desperate for war which of course they won't take part in. It doesn't take long for redditors to go full warmonger.

This is the same state that require no boycotts of Israel to do business with the government.

You want segregation and then claim you don’t want morality police.

This community is so conservative when it comes to sex.

Western Government funded group publishes article calling for censorship
https://www.thedailybeast.com/kanye-ye-west-reminds-us-that-social-media-ceos-have-way-too-much-power?via=twitter_page The authors work for the Institute of Strategic Dialogue. Here's a list of their funders: https://www.isdglobal.org/partnerships-and-funders/ - Australia Department of Foreign Affairs and trade (DFAT) - Australian Department for Home Affairs - Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats (CREST) - Council of Europe - Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Danish Ministry of Immigration and Integration - Department of Premier & Cabinet, Victoria, Australia - Dutch Ministry for Foreign Affairs - Dutch Ministry of the Interior - European Commission - Finnish Interior Ministry - German Federal Agency for Civic Engagement - German Federal Foreign Office (Auswaertiges-Amt) -German Ministry of Justice and Consumer Protection (BMJV) - Global Affairs Canada - Global Coalition to Defeat Daesh/ISIS - International Organization for Migration (IOM) - London Mayor's Office for Policing and Crime (MOPAC) - Ministry of Justice and Security, The Netherlands - New Zealand Department of Internal Affairs (DIA) - Norwegian Ministry of Children & Families (MCF) - Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Norwegian Ministry of Justice and Public Security - Ofcom - Public Safety Canada - Swedish Civil Contingencies Agency (MSB) - Swedish Ministry of Integration - Swedish Ministry of Justice - Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs (FDFA) - UK Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) - UK Home Office - United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) - UN Office of Counter-Terrorism (UNOCT) - United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) - US Department for Homeland Security (DHS) - US State Department Here's a list of their partners: - Anti-Defamation League (ADL) - B’nai B’rith International - German Marshall Fund Alliance for Securing Democracy - United Nations Counter Terrorism Executive Directorate (UNCTED) So, as you can see, they are a very independent organization advocated for democratic oversight. Afterall their partners and doners don't arouse any suspicion.

r/politics taking off their masks