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The key in the months ahead is first to protect yourself, but second to keep reminding everyone that it was the people in charge that caused it.

I have my beefs with her, but good on Sotomayor for standing up to tell the truth.

Meanwhile politicians blame “greedy” companies for PPI increases being passed on as CPI

Look, I’m not a skinny person.

But you know, I know I’m not a skinny person.

I don’t pretend to be one.

I don’t go around dressing like I’m one.

Because the only “wow” this lady is getting is “wow, that’s a huge bitch!”

A trick we found was to go to the more expensive supermarket. They always magically seem to have 2 boxes left. We think they have a stock and just put out a couple boxes at a time.

Costs significantly more than the cheaper places, but price doesn’t matter if it’s not for sale.

If the bureaucratic state could be slowly eliminated such that decisions needed to be made by lawmakers, that could be massive.

The left lost liberalism, that will be why they keep losing.
Liberal values only work when they're universal. If I'm allowed to live my life the way that I want, and you're allowed to live without your life the way that you want, and that's a compromise that's a lot easier to make. The authoritarian bend has changed the calculus. "use the pronouns or we're sending the police to arrest you" -- oh? well that's fine, but you don't get to ask just be left alone anymore. "take our vaccines or you aren't allowed to have a life anymore" oh? well that's fine, but don't expect me to get worked up if you want to get an abortion and can't. "We're going to use schools your kids are forced to go to by the state to indoctrinate your kids" oh? Well that's fine but I hope you don't think you've got a blank slate, you will be fought against. Losing liberalism ends the moral framework the left had benefited from for generations, and the sooner they realize this the sooner they can come back to the light. It becomes a new classism. Instead of liberalism for everyone, it's different levels of freedom for people of different spots on the political bingo card. Hopefully after they're absolutely trounced in the next few elections around the world they are reminded that they aren't entitled to votes and they need messages that apply to more than just a few people.

How should rich people be taxed? Are there any other considerations to be made?
Saw this question on lemmy and figured I'd ask it over here on the internet libre

I imagine these same people having arguments why Jews aren’t people in the 1930s or blacks aren’t people in the 1950s.

It’s ironic to me that these people have such an anti-science, deeply religious view of life. Life doesn’t begin until the clump of cells passes through the holy birthing canal for them.

Every cop who was there that day should be charged as an accomplice to the murders.

The mom deserves a medal for fighting the state to protect her children.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hid9bDnSeok He had an idea that the one technique would be better for the disk, but he had no idea how much better. Really surprising results.

I think this story is a good reminder that it isn’t necessarily left vs. right, it’s the people vs. the elites. The elites will use the left or the right to achieve their means, but ultimately it’s always going to be in opposition to the people.

No wonder “populism” is such a dirty word among them.

Those are all good points too.

I think there still would be some incoming shortages because the lockdowns did have an effect on productivity and were always going to. They would not be nearly as bad as they are going to be though.

I don’t actually believe in the five dimensional chess hypothesis, but if I were Donald Trump losing that election was the best thing to ever happen to me. If he won the last election he was never going to be able to do anything anyway, so by letting Biden win, Biden gets the blame for 22 years of bipartisan policy and he can swoop in as the conquering hero.

Sometimes I watch an old movie, and there’s a hot girl in that movie, and it totally catches me off guard. I’m like “hey! I remember pretty girls! We used to have these in movies!”

As Jordan Peterson likes to say, even if you don’t believe in god, act as if there is a God.

I really love his biblical series, and as my kid grows up I intend to have him watch that as well. It goes to show that the allegory presented in these stories goes much deeper and goes to something that’s built into us as humans.

I tend to agree with you, the most important skills that I ever learned I had to actively push against the schools to learn. When I was learning computer programming, which isn’t a core skill to my job but is very important, nobody teaching at the schools we’re going to be able to help me. They didn’t have the information, they didn’t know anything about the information, they didn’t care about the information. And I’m not just talking about the computer stuff, I’m talking about the math stuff.

Information on vectors for example, which you would think a professional math teacher would know, I had to basically go out there and do the research myself and thankfully I lived in the age of the internet so it was there.

That’s one of the things, if I’m the one responsible for teaching my son, and he wants to know a thing, I am more than happy to go out and do the work and try to find the answer to his question. Contrast that if my son is one of a thousand kids for that teacher is going to teach, of course the teacher isn’t going to put that much effort into it.

One reason why I’m really strongly considering homeschooling. I know full well my son is going to be smart, it seems like a waste to drag him into the public school system that will teach him how to eat sleep live and die by the bell



The picture of Dorian Gray
The Picture of Dorian Gray is a novel by Oscar Wilde. It is a story where a man sells his soul so that a painting ages and experiences the consequences of his own sin in his stead, so he can live a life of debauchery and sin forever without consequence. I had a thought today, that in many ways the west, and the US in particular, and its relationship with China or other countries that aren't in "the club" is sort of like this story. In the story, he is cruel to others, he murders, he engages in sexual promiscuity without regard of the consequences, and spends time ian opium dens because the photo suffers the ill effects rather than him. The west consumes so much. Every home has a big screen TV. Every poor person has one or more premium smart phones. Even the poor can find a place to live that compared to many parts of the world would be considered a castle. In the story, he stays young and beautiful and unaffected by his crimes. The west gets to stay rich, pay all its workers very well and treat them well(how is a grocery clerk treated in the west compared to an engineer in China?), gets to maintain its environment in a pristine fashion, and doesn't have to use nearly as much fossil fuels or polluting chemicals compared to the countries it relies upon. Despite that, it takes all the output of the factories it considers itself too good to have. It insists on not doing dirty, dangerous, difficult work and insists that its people probably don't want those jobs anyway. Meanwhile, China and other countries like it pay their workers trivial amounts and don't treat them well at all relatively speaking because the work actually needs to get done. The environmental impact of the industry is well documented. There are plenty of dirty, dangerous, difficult jobs done in these places. The west gets to sneer at these countries doing the dirty work they don't want to do, sneer at the reality of treating workers poorly and paying them poorly, sneer at the pollution created. In the novel, near the end he realizes the gravity of his crimes and that he must repent; so he stabs at the painting, and in that moment the wages of his compounded sin are paid. His body ages quickly and he dies himself. I can't help but look at the situation in the US and think that time is coming. The US and others will stab at China and these other countries, and will pay the wages of sin it wants to pretend it has not accumulated. I've called that incoming moment "The day of the ant and the grasshopper", alluding to the fable of the ant and the grasshopper where an ant works hard and saves and is careful and the grasshopper lazes around and takes it easy, and winter comes and the ant is ok but the grasshopper freezes to death begging the ant for help; because people who have not built anything, people who haven't put anything away, people who have enjoyed the fruits of the incongruity without recognizing it isn't just or sustainable, they will find themselves in the midst of a long winter, and no matter what they believe... The ants can't save them.

Russia is an economic scapegoat.
Hey, don't go to war. Obviously. Nobody likes war. War sucks. Putin, you suck for going to war. Now, all that said. Supply chains were already having crazy issues last year. Fossil fuels were already on track to be constrained this year, that was projected last year. Food prices were already on track to be rising massively this year, that was projected last year. In early 2020, right around the first lockdowns, I explicitly predicted stagflation. We're experiencing the flation, the stag is coming right up within the next year. I bought a generator and heaters and a several week supply of gasoline and gas cans and emergency food for the first time in my lifetime, right before all those things actually are relevant for the first time in my entire lifetime -- all before Russia attacked Ukraine. I didn't have any idea that Russia was going to attack Ukraine. What I knew was that most of the world shut down all production by fiat and then handed wads of cash to everyone to keep them buying what remained. That isn't sustainable. It's a recipe for exactly the situation we're in right now. Russia invading is just icing on the cake. Everything was already getting scarce before Russia. I had to spend weeks going to every supermarket in town to find formula for my son because there was none anywhere. Meanwhile we just had the largest wealth transfer in the history of the world from the poor, working class, and middle class to the richest people in the history of the world. Today the poor, working class, and middle class are struggling under the weight of the invisible tax levied upon them so wall street bankers can stay fat. It's frustrating watching the global establishment play everyone like a fiddle, and we all just sing the tune they tell us to sing. They did this to us, and we're sitting there nodding like morons as they point at someone who was largely off doing his own thing while the damage was actually done.


Flange Bolting 101 - Elastic Interactions
https://invidious.fbxl.net/watch?v=yMrieQoErcQ It turns into an ad at the end, but the fundamental stuff they talk about beforehand is a really interesting and easy to understand summary of a fundamental issue with tightening bolts on a flange.