Vote marks first time a European parliament has taken such a step.

Such a weird genocide where Uyghur population is growing faster than Chinese population, there is cultural autonomy, and even Uyghur language being officially recognized and taught in schools in the region.

Ooh better take them seriously when they consider something a genocide! We’re hearing this from one of the pioneers of genocide here, so if anyone knows what counts as genocide or not, it’s them!

Wait till they find out about the treatment of indigenous people in US and Canada. Except of course they already know and don’t care. This is how you know this has nothing to do with the Dutch caring about human rights, what really upsets them is that a non-white nation is becoming dominant.

The Dutch are experts in genociding


Can you prove “the” dutch who voted for this declaration are experts in genociding?
Or is it just shithouse slogans?

The Netherlands currently “own” more territory outside of Europe than in it. Guessing that land wasn’t exactly obtained peacefully or the existing people there treated particularly well during the… Acquisition.

Also, a huge number of ongoing geopolitical and socioeconomic problems in places like Southeast Asia and Africa are directly caused by Dutch colonialism. Actually, this is true for literally every European country and their “former” colonies, a fact which they conveniently overlook when talking about human rights in those regions.

Average fed not understanding jokes, maybe it’s your first day at the office

deleted by creator

In other words, dutch parliament denies the holocaust.

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