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I read some parts very bravely, nothing exploded. Seems I just have more capacity than you could even imagine.

imho they should not tell the “truth” but verifiable facts.

I respect that you can’t see it, so have a nice day anyway.

Don’t try to twist the words in my mouth. I never said the story is plausible, but the authenticity of the sources
can you tell the difference?

Why would you want to discuss an article you haven’t even read? [due to graineters edit]

I’m sure you’ve read the article you posted, so feel free to point out which parts you find convincing.

The authenticity of the sources seems plausible.
It’s not about me or what I find convincing, and it 's not my intention to convince anyone, so pls don’t judge others by yourself

Do they contain some actual evidence

Did you even read the linked article, or some other sources?!

The Xinjiang Police Files were evaluated and checked for authenticity by a team of more than 30 journalists from 13 media outlets around the world – including the British BBC, »El País« in Spain, »Der Spiegel« in Germany and »Le Monde« in France

If the documents are authentic, it doesn’t matter who delivered them

This is obviously not a NATO operation,
history tells us the conflict emerged under Mustafa Kemal “Atatürk” back in 1923,
like 26 years before NATO was founded.

I could imagine people going weirdo, experiencing 150 years of craziness on this planet.

That’s an allegation. Either way, I am able to respect your world view, that’s the difference between you and me I guess.