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I forget are you around cali?.. I’m cali and the dems are pretty strong here, bernie was popular tho.

Those are just centralized services. I’ve lost some money too actually. But there are many thousands of people who are hurting really bad. Don’t expect crypto to go away.

I agree that amerikkka is not likely to reform itself, it’s going to take a critical mass of people and support to depose the sadists. But they have nukes so that’s the issue, if they didn’t the u.s. could go like Ukraine where Russia is the rest of the world.

some people hurting really bad rn prob

it’s my feeling that the boomers have lost their right to run society now, they can have some advisory roles but most of the time they are just full of it, regressives

Oh it’s disgusting. I was just thinking about it. As a younger person I wanted to hang low and get the f out of amerikkka in time, but I was disrupted by adults like that, they don’t respect my wishes.

And it’s been a very painful thing. They don’t get what they want from me, there is no way for them to do that as I have absolutely not allowed it.

And I get nothing productive for myself. Think of all the better things you can do with that sort of money and time.

I live with my folks. I’ve been trying to avoid college at all costs for a while, despite the coercion of a lot of people older than me…

It feels so dark and exploitative the situation out there, I can’t have it as long as I have the smallest ability to resist it.

like dark said; I would do these things in Python scripts. But let’s try to find some fully featured software.

commie tankies strike again 😡 when will they stop

Average fed to his tinder date: “oh no, my pp isn’t small. it’s just havana syndrome”

oh I’m not disagreeing with you, I am impressed with him, but it is the u.s.

Allow Sikhs to enlist without requiring loss of turbans or facial hair

Establish a Federal “chicken” court; whenever anyone feels the application of a rule by an agency is “chicken” they file a complaint with the chicken court - the judge and stenographer show up at the complainant’s location, record what the complainant has to say, gives the agency 5 days to defend, considers for another 5 days, and then issues a non-appealable ruling allowing or disallowing the application, the loser to pay the court $100 / Design some sort of Federal Small Claims Court where the targeted public, especially farmers, can protest arbitrarily applied and pointless regulations, and get the application of them suspended or redressed.

Bring back ACORN.

Require human rights improvements by Israel in exchange for continuing the $3,000,000,000 in annual foreign aid; Conversely, no direct or indirect foreign aid or any other funding shall be paid to any government or organization that does not remove from its constitution, charter, bylaws or other governing documents any advocacy for the destruction of Israel or its people.

Support Southern Sierra Miwuk Nation (SSMN) tribal recognition.

Encourage presidential candidates and Supreme Court Nominees to reveal their IQ, LSAT, SAT, etc. scores; move towards an understanding that climate-change deniers are unfit for public office.

Change U.S. Government programming procurement to engage the vendors with the best programmers rather than those with the best lawyers.

Consider banning Corexit? Consider banning PFAs?

If there is a test out there that grades a person’s moral IQ, require a minimum score to be allowed to hold elective office.

Provide lifetime voting membership in the House of Representatives for all past Presidents

Repeal the right to keep and bear arms Require that every Congressional freshman who has not done so take an Economics 101 course, and keep taking it until achieving a passing grade Construct an adequate Congressional dormitory as part of the Capitol Complex

“”" United Nations: Resolution by the U.N. / The Putin Resolution:

    Upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall draft for consideration a set of criteria and/or standards for defining an autocratic ruler.

    Thereafter, upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall consider whether or not a particular ruler is an autocrat.

    Thereafter, upon petition by any member nation, the United Nations shall consider whether on not a particular adjudged autocrat has killed or caused the death of ____ people within or without the ruled country, and if it determines that threshold death toll has been exceeded, shall draft for consideration a proposal for the United Nations to remove that autocrat from power.
    - - -


this guy who’s running to replace our nut job is actually kinda interesting: http://www.mjbarkl.com/run.htm

vermin on the ballot

So exciting! Way better than mid terms (criminal). https://b23.tv/We6jymI https://live.bilibili.com/22280743

When would you leave? I would kind or rather travel by land into south America at some point. I’m already getting involved with communist parties and stuff here in cali.

‘Communist’ ‘opposition’

now you can say the n word all you want on there. but I’m sure he’s gonna go after leftists by algorithm at least, time for users to hold him hostage via our participation on the platform

Think I just watched something about avif… it’s optimized for modern monitors with much better colors. and it’s an open standard. so I would def use it over jpeg if I can get away with it

well climate change is still something I have time to plan for, and have a reasonable chance of survival if I do a decent job at that.

can someone full-on Minecraft Schumer or DeSantis next lmao


not if it really threatens their food security but that’s prob a small population density the local environment can prob handle a few chickens and fish or whatever

I thought this was a great introduction to lisp as someone who wants to be more familiar. I'm growing more interested in the channel.

I am excited for the coming era of the free and high performance AV1 video codec.
cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/387634 > If you are unfamiliar with the AV1 codec well it is the successor to VP9 which was in the same class of h.264 which was and still is prolific on the internet. AV1 is a big jump over h264... > > MediaTek was early to implemented AV1 in their Dimensity smartphone chips since 2019. And if you aren't aware those are in a lot of Chinese smartphones. > > There is now a decent chance you own and use a device that supports AV1 decoding. This means that AV1 I think is going to take over the internet in the next few years. > > Although AV1 is free and open source, it is a result of corporate socialism and Google's CIA influence. It probably wouldn't even be possible in the capitalist framework otherwise because big surprise intellectual property isn't actually good for innovation or much else. > > https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/AV1 - > https://www.xda-developers.com/av1/ - > https://www.androidauthority.com/av1-codec-1113318/ > > [The AV1 Video Codec - linux.conf.au](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qubPzBcYCTw&ab_channel=linux.conf.au)