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This really sucks when you spent 45 minutes constructing a thorough reply.

Bad UX for replies
Sometimes when you hit reply, it doesn't save. Then you go on to do other things and everything you wrote is lost. Sometimes you have to hit reply 2,3 or even more times for it to actually do it. This is complete insanity and bad UX.

I’m not a gamer either, but I learned programming in the 80s from the people who built these types of games. Also I played them a little bit because I was a kid.

Although, technically, you could jump in the wall if you ever go between one of those columns.

Yeah they are different because you could exploit the game mechanics and box clipping. You can also double jump if you land a little short in the first one but it doesn’t work in the second one.

😂 The way they’re just holding those crowns over their heads. It’s almost like royalty is a childish idea…

I’m very curious where your idea that nuclear and desalination are connected came from?

It does require more land if at first you are moving all of the saltwater to land. That too is energy intensive. It makes more sense to desalinate in the ocean then only transport pure water back.

Individuals? I’m not sure I understand the context. There are probably kits, but I’d need to understand more about your circumstances.

It is very expensive. Dasalinization plants that don’t use direct energy from the sun, are dumb and bad designs, meant to further grid dependence. You put salt water in the sun and it evaporates the water leaving the salt behind. All you have to do is capture the water vapor. No electricity required.

It’s important that the equity thing is only available to people who already have their basic needs met.

  1. I completely agree with your assessment. To expand on that “federated open source” application I mentioned, it only federated in the sense that it supported legacy protocols created when HIPAA first passed, similar to EDI with banking, where you have to be a member of an organization and pay dues to gain access to even the protocol specification, but more than that, it’s set up with all sorts of hoops you have to jump through just to be a member, which goes along with what you said “who you know”. It was also marketed to hospitals and doctors, as just a replacement for other systems that work exactly the same, with no regard to patients or their caregivers and guardians. Furthermore, I looked into the venture capitalist who funded this project. The capitalist websites all ranked him as the number one investor for medical startups locally. The 2nd place was a very distant second. He was a presenter at the conference and I explained my concept in the public Q&A and he said it sounded very promising. So after I looked him up and sent him materials and even wrote an essay on how my ideas could be incorporated into that project. On his website he has planks like a politician explaining the things he “cares about”. I made sure to address every single point in my essay. I even applied to an “incubator” he runs and made sure to check all the boxes for their rules. I got no response at all. Complete radio silence. Not even a “thanks, but we’re not interested”. I spent around 150-200 hours preparing all that stuff. I gave it chance. I met them where they’re at. They aren’t interested. Unless your idea furthers their current scams, forget it. This is why I actually think your statement that for now we’re stuck with IP is a bit naive. Yes revolution is necessary. It’s necessary for all the bits. These people are fucking evil ghouls that can’t be reasoned with. Revolution is the only option.

Basically what I meant. Plant lifetimes, of the best designs are 100 years plus. And if you are amortizing costs, cutting it short 30-50 years (pessimistic, 5-10 years optimistic) later with a better solution is a “bad investment”, but we are in triage mode here, and cost benefit analysis should reflect that.

Put more colloquially, building nuclear plants gets shit to shoe level, and buys us time to fix the whole mess. Even if in the end it will cost an arm and a leg.

Let’s fix this with incremental reforms


That makes sense. Especially since one of the articles I came across said she addressed the EU lawmakers and said something along the lines of “nuclear isn’t realistic”. I have plenty of critique on grid energy itself not being realistic, but in the context of replacing plants in a grid for different kinds of plants, nuclear absolutely is a realistic solution.

Didn’t the same thing happen with Greta Thunberg? I tried to look it up but all I can find is bizarre articles by MSM where some call her a socialist as a slur and others “defend” her by saying she’s not really a S*cialist.

  1. I think FOSS / automation could help with this a lot. Also, UBI. A videographer / editor might not require payment up front if they had UBI to rely on. After all they are artists too. They could take an equity stake instead, and ultimately maybe even get paid more for their efforts in the end.
  2. Yeah, they needed him to cut through red tape to get FDA and EU regulator approval (which they have)
  3. I actually worked on this specific issue for a few years. I even wrote software and tried to start up a custodian business at one point. Ironically I couldn’t market it because I ran out of funds, so then I tried to do it as a nonprofit, figuring the marketing would cost less and ultimately open source would be better. I went to a conference and tried to market my nonprofit but they only cared about the Chinese Blockchain and some “federated” open source project that actually sounded cool but turned out to be more of the same. I knew hospitals would see me as a competitor but I figured the MDs would want nothing to do with the records headache and would be attracted to the privacy benefits, the ease with handling caretakers and guardians, etc. Only 1 person out of 3000+ attendees was interested. He was a caretaker for an elderly relative, and although his relative had passed, he said he would’ve definitely used my product. I spent my entire marketing budget on that one conference and had to give up.😔

I have a somewhat different perspective. It seems you are starting with the axiom that intellectual property is a real and valid thing, and that it’s somehow desirable to exist. My axiom is the opposite, and I have at least anecdotal evidence to back that up.

I don’t really care much about MSM or propaganda because I don’t ever subject myself to it.

Another thing is blockchains are inherently centralized. Contrary to silly con valley, capitalists, and their propaganda outlets, it is neither decentralized nor p2p. The part that is non-central is trust (¹ not really though) because it is “trustless”. This goes against the very basic wiring of the social brain, which is very intertwined with trust, even subconsciously, even when people don’t actually realize it. My theory is the reason why silly con valley and capitalists like “trustless” so much, is because they are all sociopaths, and they know that they themselves can’t be trusted, nor could their competitors/peers. So to them “trustless” is very appealing.

As for what China wants with it, I know only about medical records. They are in a partnership with Oracle to build a medical records Blockchain since around 2015 or therabouts. Oracle has always been greedy for medical records, my suspicion is because Larry Ellison wants credit for curing some disease, he also wants to make money violating people’s privacy to benefit USA medical insurance companies. For China, to believe their chief scientists and executives involved in the project, is they want to socialize medical research: to easily identify study participant candidates, as well as potential patients in need of intervention.

I personally believe that an open market of records custodians is a better solution to the use case you mentioned, from the patient’s perspective, as well as for the potential medical research use cases, to ensure positive consent and maintain privacy. Central blockchains fail at these things horribly. The reason why medical records are such an issue is providers like to make themselves custodians, which suffers from the same problems as blockchains for the most part.

For artists, DLC, and such, no gatekeepers are actually necessary. Look at artists like Louis CK and his direct to consumer special. He also self-produced a movie which is out in theaters and will be available for DTC as well AFAIK. I very much disagree with the release-for-free-with-hopes-of-increased-live-performance model, however. I favor a busking style voluntary pay-what-its-worth model. People who don’t pay will never pay, and pirate quality will necessarily be poorer, therefore less desirable. It also invites the wealthy to pay a lot more. Patrons of the arts used to be a thing. The blockchain model you mentioned still requires DRM and IP, which as I mentioned, I strongly disagree with.

¹You are still trusting the algorithm, the programmers, and the auditors of the code

I’m not familiar with pictrs and how it works, but software I wrote which contains thumbnails and full copies of every image on the fediverse along with fingerprints, full database metadata, etc, doesn’t take up even a tiny fraction of that space. So…

Joe Rogan

Lowlights from the video:

it starts with “plants don’t want to be eaten so they generate chemicals that can be harmful to you” 🤡😂 as if animals want to be eaten 🤦

It ends with “plants have non protein amino acids, which could trick their way into passing the blood brain barrier and act like prions. There’s no studies to back up this theory but…”


It uses peltier effect, which isn’t very efficient. There are more efficient ways. Also, personal peltier coolers are really old tech. The article says Sony incorporated their cell phone heat dissipation technology, which means patents. But overall it seems like good product design with mediocre tech.

Using it outdoors probably isn’t too bad. It can remove heat faster than skin can conduct heat from the air, and faster than sweat. It can also help during all these wet bulb weather events that are increasingly common.

As far as battery usage, I can’t find anything on capacity. They say 100 minutes charge, commenters say it lasts about 2 hours on full charge. Given the size it’s probably similar to a cell phone battery. A blurry image I found looks like it says 1.5 amp charging rate. This would put energy usage at around 5 watts with a smaller than average cell phone capacity. According to physics Substack, people generate around 3 watts of heat at rest. So it is just powerful enough to cool you. Also why it says only “light exercise” in the ad copy presumably.

As for energy efficiency, it’s actually probably very environmentally sound. But it has lithium ion batteries, plastic, integrated circuits etc. So in that sense, not so great.

Also it’s best use case is for riding mass transit to work. Working from home would be so much more environmentally sound.

None of them know, just that it’s bad™

Dangers in Plant-Based diet | Joe Rogan Experience
Dumbest carny bullshit I've ever heard

I think the reason they are considered similar is the usage of Double Ratchet encryption.

Yes. And this brings to mind common kneejerk solutions that say more than a few houses should be illegal to own. Of course more than 100 is a whole different class of fuckery that should be addressed separately.

But mostly I just lament that something got so perverted. If it weren’t for asset inflation, and I forgot to mention unequal access to mortgage, then instead of all housing being universally shite, there might be a decent market, one where innovation and improvements happens, instead of “what’s the bare minimum I can legally get away with?”

Don’t forget Bill Gates, and all the amazing work he does with education and farming.

Other drugs such as dissociatives like ketamine are much less addictive. In

Or even cannabis. The OG of pain management. Cannabis is documented over 10 millennia before Aspirin. Who knows how long before that it was used. Before the oligarchs in USA conspired to eradicate it from earth in 18th, 19th and 20th century, it had significant biodiversity, who knows how many medicines were lost. But thanks to the many outlaws who continued to cultivate it in very diverse soils and climates, it is very diverse again. Still, the capitalist pharma companies can only think in terms of “what molecules can I patent and sell?” They reluctantly allowed the studies investigating whole-plant effects, marketing it as “entourage effect”, but this was only so they could patent formulae in much the same way.

I think my point here is just that we have to get away from the stupidity of the capitalist system before we advance.

Even with pain management in general I may have been a bit harsh on the doctors for believing lies. Their entire schooling is filled with capitalist lies, so they are trained to believe them. But that doesn’t mean innocence either.

There are courses in med school about pain management, reducing physical dependence and all that. Even if they are colored with pharmacorp propaganda, a good doctor should be able to filter out the bullshit.

Most US Latinos are very conservative/libertarian (i.e pro- I got mines , fuck y’all). They support patriarchy, fascism, and all the other capitalist things. This is why they are gaining wealth.

I agree, but historically USA was founded on the ideals of federation. The UN and EU are founded on similar principles. And while none of them actually function ideally, I still believe it is the best way to go. Freedom of movement must be conserved, which as an outsider, I’m led to believe EU is pretty good at. Unlike USa, where the Interstate Compact let’s you get fucked for say owing a ton of fines to another state’s motor vehicle agency.

But ultimately, the tyranny of the minority is worse when for example Texas controls public schoolbooks, the patent courts, and abortion ideology via the supreme court. If they were separated a little more via federation they might not weild as much power over all the other states. Same for Delaware, Nevada, California, etc.

I can see a very shitty UBI cone into place with austerity measures and welfare cuts. I say this because the ruling class is in favor and plenty of libs and fake lefties fall for it as “FrEe MoNeY tO SpEnD oN WHaT u NeeD”

If by very shitty UBI you mean UBI in name only. Actually they aren’t even keeping the name. Mayors For A Guaranteed Income are putting out pilot programs which are just welfare for the same voting blocs that have been targeted by all previous welfare. Their official policy is that AGI (notably not UBI), is something that must be in addition to existing welfare programs.

This is in contrast to UBI which has been written about by aristocrats since before the industrial revolution. Basic Income quite literally means enough to pay for food and housing. UBI, the real thing, will never happen without revolution.

we are going to have had enough and their killer robots won’t be ready yet

As a technologist I’d have to agree with this premise. If the most innovative thinkers of the robotics, AI, and materials science had been captured by DARPA/the elites, then we would already have T-1000 style terminators. Thankfully the smartest of our species is smart enough to realize “the only way to win is not to play the game”.

Right? This is what always gets me about ‘public square’ arguments. We have that. It’s called the Internet. Corporate honeytraps are not anything special or unique, other than there’s billions of idiots dumb enough to get caught in them.

This is funny. I LOLd. But every once in a while I consider that being a legitimate steward of property actually could be a noble profession. Even in a profit-seeking market. It’s that domiciles are treated solely as a commodified asset, and that as economic policy, all assets must always increase in value over time exceeding (cynically, hedging) inflation, which is the true problem.

In a socialist world, making sure that domiciles are always up to date, modern, free of pests, well maintained, etc. Is actually a very important responsibility. And you might even call it a job. If jobs existed in a socialist world.

Edit: to all the downvoters–this very much agrees with Maoist land reform, and if I’m not mistaken Juche.

There’s so many moving pieces with Hillary that it would be difficult to make a solid case, especially with the whole Weiner Comey fiasco. But I will say about that, there was a double standard, before with Trump it was thou shalt not make announcements too close to election day, then suddenly they did the opposite with Hillary. As for Bernie, it came out after that the Democratic leadership very much ignored the caucus to choose Hillary instead of Bernie. Donna Brazil admitted some pretty messed up shenanigans on public TV.

But then the following election, forgive me I don’t remember all of the exact minutiae, but Bernie was winning, and was pressured into a premature concession when Buttigieg conceded to Biden, a selfish calculated act which might even be paid back by him being the next chosen king. At least that was his hope and there’s been a lot of scuttlebutt about it. Krystal Ball did a segment about it once, I’m too lazy to look up the YouTube vid but it’s probably easy to find.

Obama might be an exception. The people elected Bernie Sanders, twice. Not Biden.

Pharmaceutical companies lied to doctors and patients about how addictive opioids are.

Every single opiod, from opium itself, to heroin, to morphine, etc. Has been promised to be non addictive. How many times can you believe the same lie before you hold some responsibility for the outcome?

Then, a series of studies concluded that many people are living with untreated chronic pain;

Which is still true. In fact, the reason for this is at least partly because of fear of addiction, so they too cautiously don’t treat pain at all.

But no one wants to admit, not doctors nor pharmaceutical companies, that medicine doesn’t have a viable solution to the most basic of medical problems.

Al Gore won the vote. Then his opponent’s brother, Jeb Bush, governor of Florida suddenly found ‘irregularities’, threw out a ton of votes, and just merely coincidentally now his brother was declared winner? We’re supposed to believe that? Maybe if his dad wasn’t just president a decade earlier, that might be believable… maybe.

I think the problem is more that the constitution isn’t being followed more than there being something wrong with the constitution itself. These people want to get rid of like 3 or more of the first 10 (bill of rights) amendments.

Step 1. Ensure government fails the people Step 2. Offer to dramatically change the government so that it’s no longer considered failure, but everything else is the same. Fascist playbook.

Representation in general is a problem as well. The Electoral College presents a growing danger because it is increasingly unrepresentative. We’ve now had two elections in 16 years where the winner of the popular vote lost the election. The same happens with Congress, but more severe. Continued minority rule could cause chaos as the majority no long accepts rule by the minority.

The people haven’t elected a president since Al Gore. And the last 4? Supreme Court justices were picked by the minority party, from a pool of about 3 dozen or so judges that are part of an openly hostile extremist group.

“it’s so easy it should be a crime”


Considering the sophist university system and the centuries of materialist bigoted psychological pseudoscience, I’d be surprised if it was a system even capable of churning out a rational humanist therapist.

USA to consider throwing more money at failed homelessness policies. But definitely won’t consider stopping house prices from doubling every 2 years.

This stupid society needs to change (USA)
Tonight I saw a homeless girl. She was wearing a hoodie and nothing else, nothing covering her feet, legs, or genitals. It was dark and some distance away so I can't be sure but she appeared to be a teenager. Her movements were very childlike. She was scavenging through a pile of rotted fruit outside a produce warehouse. She ran off when a man approached her. My heart physically aches.😥

It’s the vegans who have been misled

Gender norms, capitalism, and ecology walk into a bar
I visited a small business that does party supplies today. Most of their stuff is made with paper, plastic, rubber, and glue, in various combinations. I observed that almost all of the customers were a father with several daughters, or a mother and aunt with several daughters. When I asked the business owner about this, she confirmed that almost 100% of her customers are female. It's girls and women who want these type of party decorations. Thoughts?

Puerto Rico - a case study of terrible energy policy
Recently the US government has [announced](https://www.msn.com/en-us/weather/topstories/the-us-has-a-plan-to-fix-puerto-ricos-dangerously-busted-energy-grid/ar-AATHUCX) that 12 billion in funds will be used to "modernize Puerto Rico's grid" with special attention to "their local economy", and complete with a promise of 100% renewable sources by 2050. Previously, due to provisions in disaster relief funding, they had said that they would only repair the existing coal and petroleum based grid and not allow funds to be used for any changes or upgrades. They also promise that somehow this "modern" grid magically won't go down with the next weather event or earthquake. So this is a win, right? Not so fast. Let's take a look at a different way for a moment. There are 1.44 million households in PR. A 1500 watt solar and wind hybrid energy system complete with battery and inverter is available on Amazon for $2000 retail. This is enough to power any home less than 1200 square feet, even if they aren't insulated. So for only about $3 billion, every single home can have their own individual "100% renewable" power system that can't be interrupted due to a weather event or earthquake. That's based on retail and not bulk pricing. For another $2 billion, every single house can be insulated, assuming none are currently, reducing the energy needs. For another $1 billion, each household can be provided with a heat pump, assuming none have air conditioning or heating currently. So for a total of $6 billion, half of what the grid would cost, every single home in PR can be retrofitted to be energy efficient and use 100% renewable energy. Tomorrow, not by 2050. Let's assume we can do the same for commerce and industry with the remaining $6 billion. Hell, even if it costs $20 billion, wouldn't that be better than another stupid grid?

Blocked users
I blocked a spam user but they still show up in my inbox. Update: a blocked user's direct message notification was not removed from my inbox. Comments were, so presumably this is a bug.

Shitty minimalist UX
On my new phone, OnePlus with Android 12, the incoming call UX is abysmal. There is a circle with a phone handset in the middle, with white chevrons indicating you can swipe up or down. Somehow you are supposed to guess that up means answer and down means decline. On my old android 11 phone at least there was a green icon for answer and red icon for decline, but it was still swipe left or right. What is it with these asshole interface designers who think that left/right or up/down has some universal meaning? Fuck these people.

American politics in a nutshell
I was at a sandwich shop late Friday to pickup a takeout order. There was a guy at the register and I patiently waited 6 feet back. He was clearly drunk and having trouble figuring out how to put his credit card in the machine. The clerk reached over to help him when he pulled back his card turned to me and yelled, "why are you still wearing a mask!?" Not wanting a confrontation with a drunk guy I answered simply, "pollution. I ride a bike." Then he yelled, "No one cares!!" He tried again for another minute or two to put his card in the card reader and he was just kind of hovering around it waving his card wildly. The clerk reached over again to try to help and he pulls back his card again, then leans over to the clerk, and in tv sitcom fashion "whispers" while gesturing at me, "this guy is judging me". Then tries for another couple minutes to get his card in the machine. Finally the clerk is able to reach over and grab it from him and stick it in the machine. I just thought this was funny and had to share. The drunk slurred speech of course made it funnier. I just smiled under my mask the whole time but after I left the store I just had to bust out laughing.

Why are coils so good at dispersing energy?
For example, there is a cable from my monitor to my desktop that when plugged in straight is able to be disturbed or dislodged from my dog walking past it and the hairs on the top of his tail touch it with micronewtons of force. Yet if I coil it just 3 turns over 3 feet length it can withstand 10000 times as much force before becoming loose. Another thing I'm reminded of is the coils in phone cords back when everything was wired with handsets. This must be a well known principal but I don't ever remember learning it.

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