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It will certainly be repeatedly used as a talking point in the ongoing debate about moderation on social media platforms. Won’t be long before they mention it in the same breath as Elon buying Twitter, if they haven’t already.

It probably will change the judicial outcome, and it is important to understand what lead to the shooting.

But that is not why the news is so keen to report on it.

You can get a proper hotel suite with full shower, king size bed, mini fridge, and tv with HBO, and wifi for that price. Why would you pay for a quarter-size bunk?

And the owner takes that 34000/mo rent, pays their 6000/mo mortgage, and pockets the rest.

The perspective was all wrong. People wanted 3d TV to pop out and fill your living room. What they gave us was some weird demented puppet show thing that looked like it lived inside the TV.

Exactly. Guns are everywhere in most of the world (especially countries with dysfunctional governments and economies, like USA). The USA media would like you to believe the guns are the problem so you don’t focus on the dysfunctional government and economy.

Just to be clear, the reason this kind of stuff happens in USA is because over half of our citizens can’t afford rent and food even when working full time, but our media gaslights our citizens by painting this rosy picture and making it seem like it must be your fault if you can’t make ends meet. It makes people go insane, violently insane.

We are a collapsed empire.

Comments can be associated with a single line or code block. The UX keeps track of when a code block has changed and reminds you to update it or marks it as possibly out of sync. Since comments are meta data you can also compare authors of code vs comments for Blame.

Comments should be metadata and not inline anyway.

Different people reading the same code would expect different comments and even the same person reading for different reasons would need different comments.

For example, do you want to know what the bit of code does? Or how it works? Or what about what to look out for? Or what makes it different from the rest? Or… So many different things comments can tell us, so many different needs for different developers. Of course it’s impossible to agree on a single standard. No one should even bother trying.

Instead we should be looking at comments as a type of annotation that lives outside the code, but then is put back inline by UX when and as needed.

Large enterprises rely on libraries maintained by a single individual, or maybe worse yet: a single vendor.

So, what, the problem isn’t parasitic “large enterprises”, but rather, how do we allow them to keep doing what they’re doing without killing the host?

Free and Open Source Software is eating the world

Projection much?

What’s funny is this really illustrates why intellectual property and indeed capitalism could only ever be a failure…

The whole system is predicated on being slightly better at getting something done and then holding on to that advantage forever through secrecy and legal protection instead of trying to improve.

If there were no intellectual property, if everything were completely open, then the competition wouldn’t be about trying to hold on to a single advancement for as long as possible, instead it would be about competing to create better systems that continually bring more and more advancements.

It also doesn’t mean anything specific. We are a giant bag of chemicals. When we remain stationary it is all about homeostasis. Once we start moving the circulatory system becomes more active and chemicals move around the body more and reactions between the chemicals happen at a much faster rate.

Didn’t the Nazi doctors believe that aspergers was a superior human trait? Funny how alike people who think they know what is best for everyone else think…

Certainly true but I’m sure there’s plenty of overlap.

Also synthetic sex allows you to truly own the experience, whereas if you are visiting a prostitute, especially when it is illegal and done on the street, it’s hard to escape the reality that you are just one customer of many, and you aren’t even really making a choice of the prostitute you desire the most, just whichever one happens to be available and you can get away with it.

Legalized prostitution on the other hand is a bit more catered experience.

Human contact can be simulated. Texture, temperature, virtually indistinguishable… Unless you look at it. That’s where the VR + deepfake comes in.

American politics in a nutshell

I was at a sandwich shop late Friday to pickup a takeout order. There was a guy at the register and I patiently waited 6 feet back. He was clearly drunk and having trouble figuring out how to put his credit card in the machine. The clerk reached over to help him when he pulled back his card turned t…


Why are coils so good at dispersing energy?

For example, there is a cable from my monitor to my desktop that when plugged in straight is able to be disturbed or dislodged from my dog walking past it and the hairs on the top of his tail touch it with micronewtons of force. Yet if I coil it just 3 turns over 3 feet length it can withstand 10000…